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Another Legend Confirmed For RAW, Why Did WWE Reach Out To Shawn Michaels Again?

– Add Mae Young to the list of legends scheduled to appear on this Monday’s “old school” themed RAW.

– With most of WWE’s major names on the European tour, WWE in turn reached out to Shawn Michaels and this is why he was asked to go to Atlanta for the first day of the WrestleMania ticket sale. Two names not on the tour are Triple H and the Undertaker, however the latter is recovering from shoulder surgery.


  • Jon-Jon

    Could anyone see the Macho Man being there? I mean they did put him real high on that Superstars list at like number 11 or something like that? And he’s got action figures with Mattel coming out from WWE, so it’s more possible than it’s ever been right now.

  • Vipballer

    Better bring back, uiltmate warrior, lex luger, mr. fuji, king kong bundy, molly holly, albert, trish stratus, apa, Randy savage, Jake Roberts, Rick rude, Brutus the beefcake
    Larry zybsco?, George Steele, Brother love, perry Saturn, sable, Rowddy pipper, Scott hall, x-PAC/123 kid, Kevin Nash(his contract had expired, I think), Junk yard dog, Irs, Jesse Ventura, Bob orton, Jim cornet,Nikolai Volkoff, Greg Valentine,
    Hoss funk, Bobby heenan, and the list goes on

  • Toadie

    How, exactly, does one even assume people under contract with a rival company would be willing or able to be on the “Old School” Raw in the first place… I read the names Lesnar, Angle, Bishoff & Hogan and thought to myself “Now theres a moron”… Common logic would lead people down the road of former big names like Bret Hart, Steve Austin, The Rock, Kevin Nash & MAYBE people like Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall, Dallas Page, Sid Vicious, Ron Simmons, Trish Stratus, Ivory & even Lita…

  • tarzanwhitemiller

    old school raw? bring the BIG NAMES in! LESNAR, KURT ANGLE, ERIC BISHOFF and HUUULK HOGAAAAAN!

  • venom

    I hope we see some different legends this year instead of the same ones over and over again.

  • PLW

    Hope she doesn’t have 2 job 2 Layfool.