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Another Letter from Anonymous WWE Employee Says CM Punk Has Been Jealous of Daniel Bryan

– Last week we posted a letter from that a WWE talent asked them to publish in their weekly newsletter. This week a WWE employee, who obviously asked to remain anonymous, asked them to publish the following letter. It contains graphic language:

“Honestly, Punk is being a little bitch. I liked him so much before his run leading to and after that Money in the Bank in Chicago. He’s a guy where you have to be really in his circle for him to I guess open up, which I understand, but being put in a feud with Kane and then with HHH at Mania is not a bad thing. Now I understand he feels this is his last Mania and he wants to main event and really, with the right storyline, that match could main event, but literally after the Tribute to the Troops incident he’s just been difficult. There are so many there that want his spot, that want to say, ‘I need a weekend off to go to UFC.’ I really and fully believe he’s a little jealous of the crowd reactions to Bryan and it’s getting to him—He’s just been such a dick lately. That interview with Ariel, he acted like he was the victim at the Troops taping when Michelle was just joking. Little bitch AJ took it to the wrong level. Do you really think AJ would have a ‘pipe bomb’ interview time or longest Diva champ BS if she wasn’t dating Punk? Punk really doesn’t want to be the face of the company. That’s BS. I hate hearing that shit. He says he does but this isn’t ROH or OVW. He would bitch so much if he had to do Michael & Kelly at 9 a.m., then fly to a different state (for Raw), do a Make-A-Wish at 1 p.m. and then RAW, then do SmackDown, then do something Wednesday to fly home Thursday to be on the road Friday or Saturday. No way he could handle that for four months. He may come back as soon as Monday or he may never come back, but if never comes back he better remember how many fans he’s fucking over right now, the same way he believes the WWE is fucking him over. And I’m not defending Vince or HHH. Especially HHH, because people are seeing that HHH taking over isn’t as cool as they thought it would be. Outlaws, Nash, X-Pac, Flair, HBK, Batista—yeah must be nice to be HHH friends.”

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  • The Killswitch

    What is the post in question?

  • Stumpy

    I agree. I’ve a fan of Punk’s for years and I have found his attitude lately to be less than respectable. Basically he needs to stfu and do his job. He is a hardcore worker in the ring and can make anyone look good, even Ryback. But his actions outside of the ring as of late have really sucked.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    I like this scenario if it plays out, I wish WWE could make these last months and make a solid billing for the WM card, I’m no writer but as a fan this card and storyline are not working for me. I really wish I could get behind it but since RR, I’ve been flatlined and just can’t get behind it one way or another.

  • The Killswitch

    As a Punk fan or “cultist,” It’s becoming very difficult to defend his actions lately.

  • SheikyBaby

    Because Punk’s cult-like fanbase doesn’t want to even attempt to consider the possibility that their hero is a jealous and bitter a-hole. This report sounds pretty spot on regarding everything we’ve heard about Punk’s attitude in recent months.

  • d_pooch


    Elimination Chamber match – last two men are Orton and Bryan in the end, and Brian wins the gold. CM Punk immediately jumps in the ring out of nowhere and attacks Bryan.

    Monday Night Raw the next night – CM Punk explains that he’s still the best in the world and he wants to prove it by beating Daniel Brian at Wrestlemania XXX, going with a little bit of a jealousy/reality angle. His last goal is to be in the main event. In order to earn the spot, he calls out Batista, challenging for the number one spot at WrestleMania, and insults him to the point where Batista agrees to it

    Main event match on Raw – CM Punk vs Batista for the chance to face Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX. Randy Orton comes out and tries to distract Punk, but ends up distracting Batista, causing him to lose. CM Punk wins and is the new number one contender, setting up Wrestlemania like this:

    CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan for WHC
    Batista vs. Orton (grudge match)
    Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker
    John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt
    Rollins vs Reigns vs. Ambrose
    Tag Title Match
    Women’s Title Match
    IC Title Match (triple threat or 4-way)


    Add Daniel Bryan to the main event at WrestleMania to make it a triple threat.

    (*Triple H doesn’t need a match, given there are enough part-timers on the card already. He can wrestle Bryan or whoever at another PPV.)

    You’re welcome.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    How can any of you not say this isn’t CM Punk? The guy does nothing but cry everytime he doesn’t get his way. I have personally met the guy 3 times and each time he came off as an unappreciative douche. I’m not say all this guy is saying is true, but who is anyone to say its not.

  • JAckh45

    How come my comment wasnt posted here? Any mod can tell me?

  • I call total BS. Punk and Bryan are friends, and he has always been an advocate of Bryan being pushed more.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    This guy is talking out his a$$

  • ddfindl

    This dude is based

  • Doodle

    When it comes to crowd reaction I don’t see how punk could be jealous of anyone.
    When I watch on TV the pop’s and support from loudest to not so loud are pretty much
    Bryan, Punk, Ziggler, Cena (like it or not), Real Americans, Reigns, Goldust and Cody.

    With young demographic included you could probably throw in Kofi and the Usos.
    When I was at a live event back in Oct the Wyatt’s also had a lot of crowd support.

    So, being as the top three are people that the powers that be want nobody to cheer for, I would say those in a good position right now that can’t seem to get that reaction would be jealous. Also jealous of someone who could just up and quit and still be so over, when that has seemingly never happened for anyone else that has walked out, being as the crowd quickly turned on them all after the fact.

  • Zane

    Batista needs to stop writing this anonymous crap hes fooling no one

  • Sam

    the person mentions HHH in the letter though…

  • matt

    sounds like this is trips lol

  • jedi

    What a joke who ever wrote this is!! You can tell that there is serious hatred & jealousy in this guys heart. I just dont understand how others dont see going into a feud with 2 mostly retired wrestlers isnt as good for him as it is for them. Putting them in a match with punk gives those 2 the ability to do nothing then get put in a feud that will go no where simply so these 2 can get a payday. HHH needs to decide if he is a wrestler or corprate because coming back for a payday every mania is just getting ridiculous.. This guy just sounds like a jobber who will NEVER speak up in person & would smile at everyone she is talking garbage about!!!