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- If the rating for yesterday’s “old school” RAW is positive, there is talk that there will be another show in the same style next year.

- For those wondering, the agent that fell down hitting the ring during the Cena-Orton confrontation last night was John Lauranitis.

- Mickie James is available for bookings and they can be made via Bret Prentice at [email protected] The bookings will obviously rely on James’ music and TNA schedule.

Source: F4WOnline.com

  • erik

    @alicia pg13 is rating for movies. It was rated pg like it always is. wwe is staying pg and it is going to have cena and undertaker’s little bitch in every segment and title match.

  • alicia

    idk if anyone noticed. but it was listed on raw Monday night that it was rated PG-13 I think that was to back up Mae young lol. but still it could be a start

  • Valo487

    Johnny Ace embarrassed himself? Well at least it was an accident this time, unlike his usual performance while fulfilling his duties.

  • Dom

    i loved raw my favourite was mae young calling mcool and layla sluts ahaha!

  • erik

    Lol you mean johnny ace had time in his bussy hiring models like kelly bellas layla lmao i mean if wwe would get rid of johhny ace and replace him with dutch mandel then maybe they would have women who can wrestle and tag team divison book right.

  • Ronald

    Maybe WWE should book her.

  • Kelly

    I saw a bit of it last night, and I RARELY watch Raw or any WWE for that matter, I thought that was something made of pure win.

  • Xavier

    Jim Cornette was right. That guy really does have two left feet! LOL!

  • jim

    lmao the show did a 3.04 rating over all which is a 3.0 hey vince stupid gimmicks dont draw ratings.maybe if you put on good stories people may watch

  • Mordecai

    lol that’s funny…

    It would be cool if they kept doing an Old School type Raw every year, as long as they can get different legends each time and have more of them wrestle if they are physically able to. Haha imagine if they got the okay to do an Attitude Era Old School type Raw where it’s not PG rated. Man that would no doubt bring huge ratings and could be a hell of a Raw.

  • Damien Phoenix

    I honestly thik they should do it once a year.

  • Wes

    clumsy agent lol, i saw him laugh after he fell to lol

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