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Another RAW Roulette Show Coming, Vince McMahon Unhappy with Product, More


– As noted before, last week’s edition of RAW with Jeremy Piven and Dr. Ken as hosts drew a 3.55 cable rating off hours of 3.5 and 3.6. For the week, the show was ranked number three in persons 18 to 49 (2.07), number one in males 18 to 49 (2.78), and drew 5.1 million viewers overall with an average age of 39.

– WWE will be holding a RAW brand live event on Thursday, December 30, 2009 at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse and they’re hoping to draw 20,000 fans.

– The August 24th RAW is scheduled to be a “RAW Roulette” themed episode. Mike Adamle is apparently tapped to host the show.

– Vince McMahon has been upset with the product as of late and has been heard complaining about the company’s inability to create new stars. During a recent creative meeting, McMahon actually said, “G** D*****! WHY CAN’T WE CREATE NEW STARS?”

  • Criss

    The Reason why they Cant Create a New superstar is Coz of P.G. Ratings…..

    And coz they are Living in the Shadow of Superstars of Attitude Era…………
    Austin and Rock Can still make the Crowd Go Berserk……..
    Do you think that Austin,Rock,UnderTaker,Old Kane going at it at the Same time a coincidence ?

  • Ryan

    Also…Lets have an Orton/Chrstian feud!

  • Ryan

    Maybe with the suspension…Rey Mysterio will go to TNA…Then RVD will sign there. Also, with a new TNA show on the way, maybe they will provide a little competition the WWE. The best thing that ever happened to the WWE…was WCW.

  • Silver Kyle

    Kennedy didnt’t get a push because he kept getting himself injured or other people he was facing would be injured. He was actually supposed to take on Lashley the first Summerslam he moved to RAW.

    Other then the big 4 PPV’s, the last time we saw MVP was Unforgiven while he was on Smackdown! Yeah, Smackdown! At least on RAW we’ve seen him at Extreme Rules and Night of Champions. I’m pretty sure they’ll be building him up soon enough on RAW.

    Morrison was a freaking tag team champion for the past two years on ECW but he moved around everywhere and he defeated loads of tag teams. He’s only been wrestling for three years in WWE, it’s not like he deserves a push right away.

    Swagger is in the same boat. He hasn’t even been around for a year yet.

  • danny

    the problem is someone gets a push on smackdown or ecw they decide to move em to raw then they get forgotten about or job out and lose all there momentum examples

    ken kennedy: on smackdown they built him up by beating 5 world champions in 1 year got drafted to raw and they just couldnt book him right and he lost his momentum

    mvp: has had great fueds with matt hardy and held the us title for a year moves to raw and cant get out of midcard status eveytime he’s in a # 1 contenders match you know he’s gonna lose

    john morrison : been given multiple tag runs but never a really decent singles push until now that hes on smackdown

    jack swagger : for pete’s sake push this guy hes young quick powerfull has good mic skills ( as long as he dosent use an s ) and is very gifted in the ring

  • Silver Kyle

    Other then Christian I don’t really see anyone deserving of a main event spot(that isn’t already there).

    Maybe MVP… but he needs a lot of building up before hand.

    It’s not because you can’t make new stars Vince, it’s because there’s no star worthy of a push! 🙂

  • The Black Scorpion

    How about Shelton F’N Benjamin. Everytime he wrestles a main-eventer its the match of the night only he ALWAYS loses. the guy is a stud in the ring

  • road dogg

    they should fuk off the brand extensions if not just let someone else challenge for the title on raw other than randy, cena and triple for fucks sake…..i havent wanted 2 see a raw ppv matchcard mainevent in well over a year

  • Ryan

    your looking for a new star? i got one for ya. Ted Dibiase Jr. Give him a couple years and he’ll be a big name.

  • Nothing but the Truth

    they should bring back spycho sid!!!

  • nottingham

    Others have hit it on the head… Give the younger guys a chance.. I mean seriously, you do an entire Miz Cena thing… Then just bail on it?

    Also, you need to go back to more of an attitude like prgram. This helped you make stars as people could be more real and have more real world like programs. Now that your PG, you get the cartoonish garbage you had back before the attitude era that nobody cares about.

    You have a model on what made you succesful, either go to that, or don’t bitch when you haven’t made anyone.

  • Geabuzz

    miz should be given a chane
    I lov the fact he has lots agro wit cena n he has the talent and the gob on him so he can go far.
    I’m loving smackdown atm there at least giving other stars a chance. mind you takers not on so they have chance 2 shine

  • Stockshark28

    Hire Doctor Ken!

  • Stockshark28

    Miz sucks!

  • Ink

    the miz is not a superstar, and yeah there is too much of hhh, hbk orton cena, give time to the morrisions bournes and them.

  • Ken

    It’s pretty hard to make a new top star when you have them get crushed by supercena in less than two minutes (the miz).

  • Tommy

    Every year they say it’s benjamin’s year. Well, it’s not too late.

  • Shawn

    They could create new stars, but they “old” stars are holding them back. How long do we have to suffer through Orton v. Cena, Orton v. Triple H, Cena v. Triple H, Orton v. Triple H v. Cena, DX reunions, etc? Stop putting Superstar versus Superstar and have the veterans feud with an up and coming star and make them look good! That’s how you “create” a new star. Also, take a look at SmackDown. They’re atleast making progress with the rise of Ziggler and Morrison. Get them some gold and watch your “new stars” soar!

  • JJ

    Well, the main reason is because you won’t let anybody just be themselves. This is why Stone Cold, The Rock, Mic Foley, HBK, and many other stars were successful. They were not made into something fake, they were real. Randy Orton is real, John Cena is real (although controlled onto being a face forever), let some of these wrestlers do what they want, and see what happens.