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Antonio Cesaro Debuts on SmackDown, Get Reks & Hawkins Re-Hired, WWE In Japan

– WWE is advertising Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan, Big Show vs. Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton vs. Kane in a Last Man Standing match for their August 9th show in Tokyo, Japan. For the August 10th show in the same city, they are advertising Show vs. Rhodes and Sheamus vs. Bryan vs. the winner of Orton-Kane from the night before. Alberto Del Rio is also being advertised for the mini-tour.

– Tyler Reks says he and Curt Hawkins will be re-hired by John Laurinaitis if they can get #SaveReksAndHawkins trending during Monday’s three-hour RAW Supershow from Detroit. Reks wrote:

“ALL: We’ve been informed that we may get our jobs back if we can get #SaveReksAndHawkins trending DURING RAW on MONDAY.”

– Antonio Cesaro, formerly known as Claudio Castagnoli, made his WWE TV debut on last night’s SmackDown. Cesaro was introduced as a new friend of Aksana’s and went into a meeting with John Laurinaitis that was already arranged. Cesaro’s gimmick is that he’s a professional Rugby player from Europe.

  • scooter

    WWE think people actually watch NXT?

  • 1919pg

    atleast say he use to be a soccer player in college which is actually true.

  • TheProudRepublican

    Puroresu is way better than WWE or TNA will EVER be.

  • Pyro

    What a stupid gimmick to give Cesaro, Rugby player. So how are they gonna play this off when they go to a smark city that he’s performing on and the crowd are chanting for him like they do for Punk and Bryan? Because according to this gimmick, he doesn’t have a wrestling background, so that reaction’s going to be a little…odd…

  • simon07

    I think that nobody should tweet #SaveReksAndHawkins and then we’ll see what happens.

  • BlaH

    They made Teddy look like a fool on SD last night.