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Antonio Cesaro Labeled “Boring” By WWE Officials, Y2J’s Dance Rehearsal With Sliwinska

– After holding the United States Championship for 240 days through last month when he was upended by Kofi Kingston, Antonio Cesaro’s standing in WWE has been greatly curtailed as the Swiss grappler has lost the majority of his televised matches. For those wondering whether his demotion is as a result of “heat” backstage, it is not. Rather, top WWE officials simply feel he lacks personality.

While addressing Cesaro’s current placement in WWE, Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio Monday night that company brass believe that the former Ring of Honor standout is “boring,” resulting in his slide down the card. Some in WWE, however, are not in favor of the demotion, and believe Cesaro should be a headliner.

While Cesaro engaged in a match with Kingston two weeks on WWE Main Event that was well-received by management, it failed to alter his standing in the organization. Meltzer noted, “They don’t see him any higher than they did two weeks ago. There was lip service paid there for a week or two, but it’s over now.”

– This week’s “WWE Raw Slam of the Week” is now online, with Randy Orton adding Damien Sandow to his lengthy list of victims.


– The official WWE website has posted photos of Chris Jericho’s rehearsal with partner Edyta Sliwinska prior to his Dance-Off with Fandango on Monday’s Raw.


  • The Killswitch

    Stay on topic.

  • Sam

    no i’m technically an adult, you’re next comeback please?

  • A) I don’t bother watching WWE that much anymore. But I do keep up on what’s going on, and do still tune in once in awhile. I’m disappointed pretty much every time.

    B) It couldn’t POSSIBLY be that I love wrestling, used to love the WWF/E, and want to see it get BETTER again?

    C) If you love the product so much, why does it threaten you that someone else might have a critical or negative opinion on it? People have differing opinions, and I’m free to express mine.

  • nick-hulk

    Cesaro is boring? So how is no one else accused of the same problem:
    Cena – stale, boring
    Orton – boring
    Big Show – boring
    sheamus – stale
    Miz -stale, boring
    Wade Barrett – boring (needs a massive tweak to current gimick)
    Usos, Kofi Kingston, zack Ryder,rey mysterio, sin cara, Justin gabriel,PTP

    All fit into boring, cesaro like Daniel Bryan (when he first arrived) may not fit the typical sports entertainer, it will come to him as he already is an athlete as twice as good as most on roster.

    If they’re stuck for something to do with him, have him lose two weeks running to Tons of Funk then issue a challenge the following week for a tag match, and call up Ohno as partner, having them wrk there way through division and hold straps while adding more credibility to division

  • Tracy Durham

    Seriously, if you are so down on the product why do you bother watching it?

  • rob

    so youre a kid

  • rob

    Antonio is the best potential in the company imo, he needs to be pushed as the dominant heel and stomp sheamus.
    Wade Barrett needs to be his RAW counter part and just start to consistently smash Orton.
    Not like their doing anything with Ortons character anyways (thank god) other than randomly burying upcoming talent.

  • Sam

    Antonio IS boring, as soon as i hear his music a fast forward and to Tramaine i find Ryback more entertaining and before you call me a little PG Era kid I’m 18

  • Tramaine Lott

    Wade Barret is being pushed the same way as Cesaro was when he was the US champ….like a loser.

  • Regardless of what rumors are out there, the fact is, the company sees value in guys like Cena, like Sheamus, like Ryback, like Orton, like Wade Barret. ALL wrestlers I personally would certainly consider “boring”. These are the guys they push, along with HHH and Brock Lesnar (also not very exciting).

    Meanwhile, look at the way they treat top wrestling talent like Bryan Danielson and CM Punk. Even when Punk was RED HOT back in 2011, early 2012, look what they did with him. Yes, he was champion forever, but how many times did he main event Raw, let alone main eventing a PPV, in all that time? The entire time he was champ, and RED HOT, they had PPVs headlined by Brock Lesnar, Cena, HHH, etc. Not Punk. Which is pathetic. This last WM should have been headlined by Punk, capping off his year+ of domination. Instead, he gets a decent, but still throw-away match against Taker, which is pretty much what he himself indicated.

    Will you ever see a WM main event with guys like Punk and Bryan in it? Or even, god forbid, AGAINST each other? Probably not. Ever. Not so long as Vince, Stephanie and HHH all seem to think that “big strong powerhouse types” are the only wrestlers worthy of being “SUPERSTARS”.

  • Scooter

    Mark Henry is a pretty badass heel these days in fairness. Closest thing left to a true monster heel.

  • Scooter

    I actually thought the ex rugby player gimmick could have had potential if done right. The idea he was kicked out the league for being over aggressive made for an interesting backstory if nothing else and he could have played to it by getting DQ’d post match for not stopping but the moment for that is gone. One direction I think they could go that would be pretty cool is embracing his old school look and have him be a wrestling elitist who wants to bring back the old catch as catch can style. Simmilar to what Doug Williams did a couple years ago in TNA.

  • Shawn Bronald

    I’d love to see one guy on the roster that’s actually serious. Put the World Heavyweight Championship on Cesaro and let him roll through the competition Yes, he’d be a heel, but not a typical WWE heel. I’d like to see a serious, sound technical wrestler that just beats all opponents put in front of him. No jokes, no catchphrases, no corny hand gestures, no cheap-shots, no cheating, no running from a challenge…. just a straight up wrestler. Oh, that’s right….. this is WWE we’re talking about. Even a monster heel has to be able to cut a joke and laugh at himself.

  • CC

    I pretty much agree, but one thing I will admit though is his gimmick is boring. How many times have we had the “Johnny Foreigner thinks he is better than Americans” gimmick now?
    Plus the whole “ex-rugby player” part of his back story ended up having nothing to do with his character, so was pointless to keep harping on about it.
    They need to play to his strengths, not keep coming up with the same old tired cliches of what heels should do.

  • Scooter

    My opinion on this is to take it with a grain of salt as quite simply what Meltzer THINKS is going on and what really is are two very different things.

  • Don Kim

    I thought Cesaro was supposed to be an old school grappler.
    During his US title tenure, he wasnt even given a legit feud either.
    Now they wanna call him boring and put him on the shelf?
    While the title match at Extreme Rules is Cena vs. Ryback?

  • Cropsy

    I guess it’s only a matter of time before Cesaro joins Brodus Clay and Fandango as one of WWE’s many fine dance-machines. They should just change their name to World Dancing Entertainment.

  • Tramaine Lott

    Wow, if Cesaro is “boring” then how come Ryback is shoved down our throats?