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Apollo Crews loses his surname

WWE changed Apollo Crews’ name to “Apollo” today on Apollo’s change can be seen on the roster section of the website, as well as his Twitter.

This isn’t the first time the WWE has dropped part of a superstar’s name, and Apollo is at the end of a long line of stars who recently had a name change, with stars such as Big E, Cesaro, and, most recently, Elias. Many wrestlers who go through this process are usually doing so at the request of Vince McMahon, who often feels certain names sound better when shortened.

The name change is interesting at this point in Apollo’s career. The Titus Worldwide member has been having some good exposure on Raw recently, facing off against top talents in an effort to enter the Elimination Chamber, as well as teaming with Titus to take on the Bar.

While he’s come up short in these recent endeavors, it’s clear that the WWE has a new found appreciation for Apollo, at least as a mid-card talent. Maybe dropping his surname is a sign of good things to come.

  • MindTricked

    Indeed. Vince and logic don’t get along.

  • Greg Bush

    I agree. The one name thing rarely ever works, but Vince has his reasoning. His strange…strange reasoning.

  • Greg Bush

    You leave Test alone. That man had….uh….
    ..he had a good boot.

  • MindTricked

    It’s so ridiculous. The surnames, to me, give the wrestlers a bit more character and depth. “Elias Samson” rolls a lot smoother than just plain ol’ “Elias,” and “Apollo Crews” sounds a crap-ton better than just plain “Apollo” (unless you’re a Greek god, of course). That’s also a problem for the women, ’cause most of them get stuck with single names, but the ones that truly shine have a first and last, seemingly (Lita being the real exception here).

    Maybe this is all my imagination, of course, but first + surname seem to be more memorable to me. Just think about this: Seth without the Rollins. Just… “Seth.” “Stone Cold Steve.” “Trish.” “Hulk.” “Randy.”

  • rob

    meh… why they make this guy smile so damn much, it´s annoying

  • Sparti Love

    It worked well for Jericho and Christian. Not so much for Kevin Nash but he did it for a movie. Test wasn’t great with or without long hair. Molly Holly head shave I think destroyed her career. Who else is there? Chuck Pulumbo haha

  • Darrin Tyler

    Not a fan of him in the ring. He has no talent at all rly

  • unknown183

    Barf, this dude lacks charisma. My farts get better reactions in public than this wrestler.

  • M

    But just the other week they were chanting, “Crews can’t lose.”…

  • pitfallharry219

    Don’t be a moron.

  • Will Henderson

    or it’s possible they did this due to what happened in Florida last week with the suspect of the shotting’s last name being Cruz.

  • Vince is out of touch

    Remember how back in the early 00’s, Vince thought it would be a great idea for every wrestler with long hair to cut it short. How did that work out? Not too well. Why would this be any different?