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  • Vinny

    I wish they would use that new logo pictured above from now on, but obviously add an ‘E’ in there instead of an ‘F’. I also wish they would go back to the red, white and blue ropes like they had last night. I’m tired of all those orange, green and other stupid colors they use for ring ropes these days.

  • Jur

    Looks awesome honestly.

  • MajinTrunks

    the lawsuit allowed them to use any logos before the WWF scratch logo. Specifically they can’t refer to themselves at WWF (though world wrestling federation is ok) and can’t use the WWF scratch logo. Anything else is ok.

  • damkat

    World Wildlife Foundation does not have any legal right on the logo, just them referring to the name WWF is not allowed.

  • idontknow2

    Or maybe this is the return of a certain letter…?
    A fan can dream.

  • Rob

    I think as long as they don’t refer to it as WWF, it should be ok. cause it kinda only looks like WF.

  • jim

    how are they able to use the WWF logo??