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Aries Hints Retirement Following WWE Snub, Punk Lands Mag Cover

— Austin Aries, the only two-time ROH World Champion, hinted yesterday on Twitter that his wrestling career may be coming to an end following a recent setback.

“Apparently not big, young, or tough enough,” he wrote. “While it’s been amazing, the AA chapter of my life may be coming to an end very soon.”

Aries, who is 32 years old and billed at five foot nine, was among the most notable wrestlers bypassed for Tough Enough.

— CM Punk is featured on the cover of the March 2011 issue of WWE Magazine, with the headline reading “FEAR ME!” Enclosed is an interview with the Straight Edge Superstar, who explains why he has yet to have his definitive WrestleMania moment.

— The first digital issue of WWE Magazine will be launched in January.

  • !?

    Poor Aries, a very exceptional talent indeed, how ironic that he has all of the tools EXCEPT that one thing that WWE looks for…size. I knew for the longest that Aries wanted at least one run in WWE too bad he’ll never get it. Hope he doesn’t retire.

  • Logan

    Damn, I hope he doesn’t but I understand if he does. 🙁

    You would think with guys like Benoit, Guerrero, Rey who aren’t 6ft WWE would look into guys like Aries.

  • shawn

    i forgot to change my name

  • my shit

    the 1st. digital issue coming in january? or june, or july?

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Austin should keep going. ROH uses him well and while he had a brief run in TNA, he could try to get back in.

  • Will Henderson

    Aries shouldn’t retire but at the same time should be lucky the WWE turned him down for Tough Enough. WWE loves roided up freaks and big & tall guys not small and short guys, and plus he would be buried anyway. see Low Ki aka Kaval.

  • mj

    It’s very upseeting to see him leave, AA FTW!