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- Armando Estrada was at the Nassau Coliseum Smackdown taping this past Tuesday for a meeting with WWE officials, regarding a possible return.

- Hardcore wrestling legend Abdullah The Butcher is being considered for a place in this year’s Hall of Fame with the already inducted Shawn Michaels. In a recent interview, Triple H revealed that he had suggested Abullah to WWE management as a possible candidate for induction this year.

- Edge appeared on Canadian radio station Fan 590 discussing his appearance earlier this week at the Conn Smythe Dinner. He noted that he had some travel issues, due to the weather, and also put over guys like Dolph Ziggler, John Morrison, and Sheamus as the new stars of WWE.

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  • 321 kid with a razor

    He should manage the Uso’s since he has experience managing Samoans. WWE should really try and fix the tag divison. Way too many single wrestlers now that don’t have storylines and are just being showcased on Superstars

  • bloodstone

    o yes Abdullah the Butcher’s House of Ribs and Chinese Food just makes a person want to run out to one of these restaurants yummy now i know what happen to a bunch of the old wrestlers their on the menu

  • Davey Zoo


    Yeah armando & rosa mendes should both join Alberto. I thought she looked into him when he was beating the cr@p out of horswoggle and kofi… But you people already know that ;)

  • CC

    @ bloodstone. Thanks, I must have missed that about his restaurant closing. Its a horrible time for most small businesses sadly.

    Coincidentally, from what I remember, Abdullah owns a couple of restaurants. Maybe Armando should’ve got some tips from him ;)

  • crispycrew

    Yeah I’d like to see Abdullah in the HOF before Goldberg and Sting- Abdullah wrestled twice as long as both of them cobined and wrestled in more countries then both of them three times over combined. Stan Hansen, The Destroyer, Bob Backlund, Road Warriors, Perro Agoyo & Carlos Colon all deserve it way more then Sting or Goldberg!

  • bloodstone

    @cc yeah it didn’t work out he closed up Baby’s Steak and Lemonade back in november if he does come back like W-E
    saig in his post they should hook him up with Del Rio as a manger or something like that

  • CC

    Thought Armando retired last year or 2009.
    Guess the restaurant business (or whatever it was he was into) isnt working out like he hoped.

  • bloodstone

    nobody saying a word about Abdullah The Butcher really? must of been before their time this guy was a beast had some great brawls with brusier brody

  • knightcon

    Estrada has raw GM?

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com W-E

    Estrada linking up with Del Rio could work quite well!

  • misfit

    My name is Armando Elejandro Esssssstrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaddddddaaaa.

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