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Arn Anderson Discusses Horsemen in WWE’s Hall of Fame, What Could Have Been & More

– Wrestling legend and current WWE producer Arn Anderson recently spoke with Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier. Here are some highlights:

Going into the WWE Hall of Fame with the Horsemen:
“I’m never going to be one of those guys who asked what took so long. I’m just floored by the fact that it’s happening. It’s a very elite group. I feel like I had — and am still having — a successful career. But the highlight of that career would have to be the three years I spent with that group of guys. It was a special time. I called it the golden years of the business. Both the WWF and NWA were thriving. Just to be pretty prominently figured into that group of guys is something you can tell your great grandkids about. There’s nothing like the first group. Obviously that’s special.”

Thinking about what could have been:
“There’s two times when it bothers me. It bothers me when I see a match go south and I’m sitting there on headsets, and I know at that moment in time if I was in there, I could fix it. Or when it’s done really well. That’s the two times that I really miss it. And I think I might have come along too soon. What kind of value do you reckon Arn Anderson would have to this industry if I walked in the door right now with the knowledge I had at 30 years old and healthy? I know that sounds like a really conceited comment, but look at the experience level of the guys, through not any fault of their own. They’re coming in sometimes only a year right out of FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) right into the lion’s den, and it’s tough.”

Today’s performers vs. stars of his era:
“By the time I got in the spot I had in ‘85, I had three really intensive years of 300-plus matches a year. How good would guys like John Cena, Randy Orton or Batista have been if they would have had 900 matches in their first three years? Can you fathom that? So we had a distinct advantage at the time. I would love to still be wrestling if my body would accommodate it in these times.”

  • Chris E.

    I remember there was one point I figured Arn was going to get the NWA championship from Barry Windham (1993) but Flair came back from the WWE and beat Barry. Prior to that happening, Arn was at the peak of his career, IMHO. I would add that Barry was at the height of his career during that time as well.

  • b c Mitchell

    Kid? Son I’ve been watching AA since he teamed with Ole as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew before they formed the Horsemen. I loved hearing Arn cut a promo because he was intimidating and came off as a legit badass. In all honesty though he is not the most charismatic guy in the world though. That is about the only thing Cena would have him beat on. Plus seriously at the end if his career with his glasses and receding hairline, tell me he doesn’t look like a gym teacher who’d call you a pussy if you didn’t climb a rope fast enough. It was in jest. AA is awesome. Classic ring general

  • dwewa

    unfortunately, I don’t believe Batista’s or Cena’s bodies could hold up to the schedule that Arn did!

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Not to mention, he had the best Spinebuster ever. Everyone’s been ripping it off ever since.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    They always said RVD was the greatest wrestler to never win a world title, until he did… and fucked that up quickly. And I’m an RVD fan. But to me, one of the greatest to never be world champ will always be Double A. Piper too, but Anderson would’ve been a good world champ. He always played second fiddle to Flair, and I’m not knocking Flair because he’s one of the greatest. But I always felt Arn didn’t get everything he deserved. Still, he had a good career.

  • Effmenow

    Arn Anderson didn’t have charisma and looked like a high school coach?

    Kid go do your research again. You are completely wrong.

  • b c Mitchell

    John Cena is the face of his company. Arm was a role player. Cena has tons of charisma. Arn didn’t. Cena has the right look. Arn looked like a high school coach. Cena multiple world titles. Arn had none. With all that being said Arn Anderson would whip Cenas ass. AA was the Enforcer for a reason. You guys thought I was gonna say Cena was better huh?

  • 0431

    @ heyfat, There is more wrestling talent in Arn Anderson’s ring entrance than Cena could comprehend.

  • poko

    He’s right. Arn Anderson had confidence and presence that you rarely see in modern wrestling. You have to think a lot of that came from experience, from working thousands of matches with many different promoters. The guy was just flat-out good, and he didn’t try to hide just because he was a heel most of his career. I absolutely loved the contrast in styles between him and Flair, and how that served to make them unique inside the Four Horsemen.

  • heyfit

    Cena>anderson (doesnt even deserve cap at start of name)

  • GreasyRabbit75

    Arn Anderson is a freakin’ boss. If only today’s wrestlers had half of his dedication and professionalism. He may think he sounds conceited, but it’s true. There are very few like him these days.