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ATL Braves Hosting WrestleMania Night, Road Warriors’ HOF Inductor, More

– The Atlanta Braves will host WrestleMania Night at Turner Field on Tuesday, March 29th as the Braves take on the Minnesota Twins. John Morrison, Eve Torres and Mark Henry will be meeting fans from 5-6pm and doing a Q&A with a chop rally before the game. There is a special ticket offer of two tickets for $30 for the game.

– WWE will be releasing a special t-shirt for Shawn Michaels’ Hall of Fame induction this year. Speaking of the Hall, they just released $75 tickets for the ceremony today. The seats were previously blocked off for production reasons.

– Dusty Rhodes is expected to induct The Road Warriors into the Hall of Fame this year. Their former manager Paul Ellering will be in attendance.

Source: PWInsider

  • The King of Kings 69

    @RKO Rulez

    yeah cuz TNA does so much shit that makes sense right? say like sending a wrestler whos HIGH off his ass to the ring where he could have risked his own health even further & risk the great sting’s health. but i do agree Paul should induct them…who knows maybe he is…we wont know until the night of the Hall of Fame or even this monday night on Raw


    @Scorpion Death Drop – Didn’t they do that to STING?

  • Rucdogg

    GOod point scorpion death drop, I was gonna say Precious Paul Ellering would be good also, but they had an awesome fued with and story with Dusty as well. Too bad Hawk isnt still alive for this, love me some Road Warriors

  • Scorpion Death Drop

    I can see why the manager would make more sense… BUT Dusty was part of one of the most grusome spots back then: When The road warriors took a spike from their pads, and tried to rip out dusty’s eye.


    I agree Paul Ellering should Induct the Road Warriors, it would make more sense than Rhodes for sure but far be it for WWE to do something that makes any sense

  • elvisD

    Forget Dusty, I want Paul to induct them, He was their manager, who the hell is Dusty Rhodes anyway, that fat tub of lard thinks he’s so great, I watched him when I was young and wasn’t impressed, then I go on Youtube and watch classic matches, and still not impressed, Cant live on your name Dusty, your kids suck and so do you, and you’re inducting possibly the greatest tag team of all time? COME ON MAN!!!