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Low Attendance at Tonight’s WWE Tapings, Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara News, McMahon

– The Connecticut Democratic Party issued a statement today against Linda McMahon after she made her 2012 Senate bid official. They said that nothing has changed with Linda since her 2012 bid and brought up WWE, saying that it is a company that is “based on sex and violence to children.”

– Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara is being advertised for the WWE SmackDown tapings in Mexico City, Mexico on October 16th.

– Fans in attendance at tonight’s SmackDown tapings in Dayton, Ohio have sent word that the entire side of the arena that the WWE cameras are shooting from is completely tarped off. All of the fans are sitting on the side opposite of the camera. This is the second SmackDown taping in recent weeks that have suffered from poor attendance.

  • darryl

    huh? Politics are so Funny, I’ve Never seen Sex and Violence Towards Children on the wwe. The Person that Made that Statement Must Think Even bourne is 8 or something LOL

  • venom


    Ask Mic Foley about TNA’s house shows.

  • Liam Catterson

    Linda, why don’t you suck my dick and die bitch. Nobody in this world likes you. Fuck you retarded Linda

  • Whatever

    idd hardylaaron, no heels…
    o wait, christiand, mark henry, r truth, the miz, one sin cara etc. etc.
    so enough heels but there are no heels with much heat or something, since orton and batista are not heels anymore, there are no heels anymore like them…

  • hardlyaaron

    Get ready guys, Linda’s about to make WWE go rated G. We’re gonna see wrestlers holding hands and hugging after matches, wtf is a heel or face anymore? Everyone is a good guy now!

  • wtfbbqsauce

    wow, its crazy how how times have changed. I remember back in the days in the attitude era it was hard to get tickets for a wwe event. It was even hard to get tickets for wwe house shows because it was always sold out.

  • Blue Blazer

    So, ever since they started combining shows and doing the “Super Shows”, eh? Anyone else see the trend? Now there’s almost no reason to watch Smackdown since everyone is on Raw….

  • kevin

    Mike there is a big difference between 500 and 5,000. Times are rough for the economy. I was at Raw last night and there was a decent crowd there. Maybe start taping Smackdown before Raw on the same night or something. Or buy out your so called competition for marquee names.

  • mike

    what i thought the wwe marks said only tna get bad attendance hmmm