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Audio: Chris Jericho Discusses Possibly Returning to WWE and More

– In the audio embedded below, Chris Jericho talks about returning to WWE, or not, with XPress Radio in the UK.

Jericho says if he never wrestled again, he would be okay with that because he has “done everything.” Jericho then talks about being open to a return if everything was right and considering working with the WWE Network, depending on what happens there.

  • venom


    Jericho beat Cena on a Raw before he got drafted to Smackdown. I would like to say it was sometime in 09.

  • joe

    if jericho comes back it should be his last run, cuz he’s getting a lot older now, in his 40’s i think, if he still wants to go on after that he can join tna and the rest of the dinosaurs

  • scsa852k

    Jericho has not won a Rumble yet.
    If Vince lets him do that, he’ll be back.
    Possibly wrestle Punk for title, and get that WM paycheck and walk away for good.

  • Nicholas G

    In other words Chris Jericho not ready to return to the WWE yet. That is what I am reading in between the line an he may even be done with wrestling too. I think if does come back to the WWE it will be for one last run. It seems like Jericho is at a point in his career where he just about done with wrestling an love his new career.

  • Dave

    And he has still never beaten Cena.
    Not saying its right. But it’s the truth.

  • Dave

    Jericho Vs Punk would be epic from every angle.

  • adam

    Yet to decide who is truly the best in the world between him and punk

  • Jake

    Not true Chris Jericho hasn’t done anything yet, still has to win the 2012 Royal Rumble