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Austin Aries Talks About Reports of TNA Recently Having Problems

– Austin Aries recently spoke with Newsday about reports of TNA’s recent problems:

“Obviously, I’m going to be more privy to the ins and the outs of what’s going on than a lot of people who are reporting on it, than the fans who are talking about it, than the dirt sheet writers who opinionate about it. I’m loyal to the company that I work for. I want it to be a success. And whatever issues it might have, that’s something that we always keep internal. On the outside, it’s important that I always promote the company and help people understand the difference between rumors and facts . . . You write it as doom and gloom, ‘They’re going to fail,’ or you can try to look at it from the other side — that the company is trying to find the right combination for success and trying to take steps forward.”

Also during the interview, Aries discussed signing with TNA, Dixie Carter’s heel turn and more.