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- Steve Austin noted on Twitter that he will be meeting with officials regarding WWE Tough Enough today. Austin asked fans for any ideas or suggestions they may have for the show. As noted before, Kevin Nash is also scheduled to meet with WWE officials today regarding the future.

- Following Randy Orton’s punt kick to Husky Harris on RAW, WWE has announced that the Nexus member is out of action indefinitely. WWE is hyping a response from CM Punk for the kick on next Monday’s RAW.

There has been speculation that Husky, despite his talent, isn’t going over so well with WWE officials because of his size and look. Some are wondering where Husky will fit into things if a 3-on-3 match with Nexus vs. The Corre takes place at WrestleMania.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • shawn

    how f*cking shallow. regardless of his talent (which is maybe ok to wwe) they drop him because of his stomach? sweet valley high!thats douchey!

  • CM Mark

    Typica WWE move, bury the REAL talent and push the 7 foot moron with one move.

  • Starship Pain

    Husky looks different than any other wrestler. He’s fat, yes, but that makes him special, like Umaga or Rikishi. He can be a good face.

  • Rich

    @slim..i agree
    on another note tho i really dont see anybody in nexus in wwe for years to come except maybe michael mcgullicuty and husky harris..david otunga will eventually be released some day or another

  • RAMSES 2


  • Ronald

    It makes sense to take Husky out for the time being. Both factions (Nexus and Corre) are now even. If you want a 3-on-3 match, it can now be Otunga, McGillicutty and Ryan vs Gabriel, Slater and Jackson. To make it better, perhaps Harris could return at WM (assuming this 3-on-3 match is taking place) and do a run-in. Just as he enters ring, Skip Sheffield jumps out of the crowd and takes out Harris, thus joining Corre.

  • Ron

    husky should teams with dibiase jr and form new money inc. lol

  • Hombre Malo

    worst thing about huskys look was the pile of cheap tattoos he had. Geeze people don’t pick stuff off the wall.

  • me

    yet make henry’s like a planet yet he has dance contests and shit every week


    I figure they got rid of Husky to even things out between the two factions. Thats sucks for him, shows how much WWE (or vince) prefers the look of Mason Ryan vs. Husky Harris.

  • CC

    I think one of the problems Husky was gonna have in Nexus now is that he is no longer gonna be considered the muscle of the group now that they have Mason.
    He is kind of the new Umaga in many respects, so should probably use him in a similar solo role than as part of the group.
    Personally, I never really cared for him as have never been a fan of guys his size.

  • Vinny

    I like Husky, his look is different. I don’t know why they don’t like the different look to wrestlers. Everyone has to look chisled out of stone in order to make it.

    I like that other guy whos on NXT now, Brodus Clay. But Im sure they wont use him either because of his look. I watched NXT for the first time last night and he is actually a good wrestler/entertainer.

  • mark

    hope they give Nash something worthwhile to do. Im sure Husky will be back, this is part of the storyline

  • Hunter

    I rated Husky personally. Strange physique, but he is solid enough in the ring and has an air of intensity around him.

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