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Austin Open to Wrestling Again?, Rumor on a New Business for Brock Lesnar

– There are unconfirmed reports that Brock Lesnar is planning to open an outfitting business in Alberta, Canada and is working on acquiring land near the Milk River region. The new business would guide people into the wilderness to hunt, fish and camp.

– Paul Lazenby, MMA fighter, stuntman and friend of Steve Austin’s noted on Live Audio Wrestling that “The Rattlesnake” is in great shape and would entertain an offer to do one more match. The LAW posted on their Twitter:

“According to Paul Lazenby – Steve Austin is in better shape then most might think, last time they spoke he would entertain the “right offer””

  • Oh good. “Shoot animals for fun!” Thanks Brock.

  • Tracy Durham

    While Punk could possibly hold his own he could never match Stone Cold.

  • Lex

    I would love to see Austin v Punk but it’s sad that Punk as great as he is needs austin to so he can main event wrestlemania.

  • JohnCena33

    The only person if I was Stone Cold would trust to be in the ring with for one more match would be CM PUNK. CM PUNK. CM PUNK.

  • jonesy

    Stone cold and cm punk have an amazing chemistry, both gifted wrestlers and would steal the show, its got to happen, would love to see Steve pull them black trunks back on n give us some more of his amazing persona inside that ring, only punk could match him with Mic skills and wrestling ability

  • D2K


    Austin wrestling Lesnar is too dangerous. Brock has done a good job of protecting people despite his ferocity, but one wrong move and Austin ‘doesn’t’ move anymore.

    I’d rather see Brock vs Taker and Austin vs CM Punk. Both matches have been building for years.

  • d_pooch

    Rock is out, Austin is in. Austin vs. Lesnar, WMXXX. Make it happen!