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Austin Responds to Lesnar’s Comments About Him in WWE ’12 Interview

– As noted yesterday in WWE ’12 media interviews, Brock Lesnar said he would like to wrestle Steve Austin, out of all the stars he never had a match with. Lesnar said:

“Ironically it’s probably the guy that walked out on me. The guy that took his ball and went home. A guy that I was supposed to face and I think that he was just plain downright scared to get in the ring with me because he was one of those guys that was on top and saw a huge threat in Brock Lesnar at the time. That’s “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. I worked with everybody and anybody that was anybody there and if I came back, I think the guy that I would come back to fight is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.”

Austin replied to Lesnar’s comments on Twitter last night. He wrote:

“So @DCBROCKLESNAR was talking trash about me…very interesting. Gonna finish my beverage and mull this one over…catch y’all tomorrow.

Trying to go to sleep..but this @DCBROCKLESNAR thing is winding me up a bit…relax….breath…relax…breathe….no be continued..”

  • liam

    ok so your all moaning about stsa not putting people over… do u really think he had much choice…. of cors wwe arent gonna have the biggest star ever lose to a nobody u idiots i love how u blame him and not the wwe creative… what do u think makes more money…. stone cold hitting a stunner on someone.. or a nobody beating him once….
    he gave us some great matches u were all marking out for him in the attitude era…so stop moaning like u understand the business at all

  • RoxanneConner

    @D2K: On the flipside, Austin never outright stifled people’s careers for his own glory. For every star Hogan put over, he held down many more.

  • D2K

    Now that you mention it, I can’t really think of anyone Austin put over that wasn’t already over. Even Hogan has put more people over than Austin has.

  • Raul

    SCSA was/is like every other old star. He was crap and afraid to put over new talent.What non star did he ever put over? No one.


    @Freakzilla… Well said man. I too hate Lesnar and think he is a piece of shit who doesnt deserve another shot in WWE after the way he left. Lesnar Sucks.

  • D2K

    @Devil_Rising: That is incorrect. Austin can take bumps.

    Exhibit A:

    This was AFTER Austin retired by the way. As far as Lesnar goes, not it would not be a good idea for him to wrestle him. Lesnar has a history of being reckless in the ring, and his smash-mouth style would indeed permanently injure Austin. HOWEVER, against a low impact opponent (CM Punk) for example Austin could do that. Punk doesn’t do a lot of power moves. In fact that only move he does that could be considered a power move is his GTS, but even that is more leverage than power.

    As far as Austin leaving in 2002, the caviot that people keep leaving out (purposefully I believe) is that they wanted Austin to job to Lesnar in the first round in a King Of The Ring QUALIFYING MATCH. What business does a former KOTR even have being in a KOTR qualifying match, much less LOSING in the first round? So I don’t blame Austin for taking a powder.

  • Devil_Rising

    People need to quit “calling Austin out” for one more match. He CANNOT wrestle again, CANNOT take bumps, because if he does, he could be paralyzed for the rest of his life. What don’t people get about that? It’s about as stupid as Kurt Angle repeatedly saying he wanted to wrestle Bret Hart. Same story. Bret can’t wrestle anymore, physically.

    As for the whole “Austin taking his ball and going home” bit. Well look, I was really pissed at him when he first did it. But later on, once I heard his side of things, you know, you have to understand why. He didn’t like the direction the company was going in, with writers writing everything for people’s promos and storylines, instead of the wrestlers themselves coming up with them. And he didn’t “walk out” on Lesnar, he walked out because Vince had Lesnar beating Austin CLEAN, in a relatively short, “nothing” match, when the kid had only been around a few short months! That IS ridiculous. Austin’s point was, that he should have been the guy Lesnar faced once he’d been AROUND awhile, and gone through everyone else. He should have been the payoff. THEN have Lesnar beat Austin, so it means something. The way they were going to do it, it would have meant next to nothing.

    And if anyone walked out on ANYONE, it was Lesnar. WWE was going to have him feud with the newly “resurrected” Taker, after WMXX, and naturally, Taker was probably booked to kick his ass, because he’s the “Dead Man” again and all. But hope, ol’ Brock decided quite suddenly that he wanted to try out the NFL, failed to even make a team’s practice squad, went and rassled in Japan for a tiny bit, then decided he’d get into MMA instead. Whatever, the guy is and always has been a loser, end of story.

  • mark

    dont get me wrong I loved Austin , but should never have left the way he did. There is a right way to do things, he let the fans down that day im afraid. He could have asked for some time off, asked for his release, tried to work things out.

  • BlahH

    According to PWInsider, Mick Foley is expected to return to the company in the next few weeks and it is believed to be right around Survivor Series time.

    With longtime friend The Rock returning and likely appearing on the 11/14 RAW in Boston, it is thought that Foley will make appearances either just before or just after The Rock.

    There has also been talk coming up in recent days about former WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield coming back to WWE in some capacity. At this time, those talks seem to just be that and no specific details are known.

  • The Great One

    @JIR well obviously, Brock is like 15 years younger than Austin and a tgrained MMA fighter

  • JIR

    whatever reasons in a pro-wrestling match Lesnar couldn’t hold Austins nut strap now in a real fight Lesnar would murder Austin. I hope Alister Oveerem knocks out Lesnar in their UFC fight just like Cain Velasquez did

  • scsa852k

    Among wrestling fans, SCSA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Brock Lesnar.
    Not even close.

  • venom

    Yea, Stone Cold left because he was suppose to put over Brock on a Raw espisode and not a ppv.

  • Freakzilla

    In hindsight Austin did the right thing. A lot of people shit on The Rock on here and for no legitimate reason either. While Brock gets a free pass. Brock Lesnar is an asshole and I don’t ever want to see him in a WWE ring again. We all saw the Goldberg match so fuck him.

  • No1Coleminer

    SCSA only took ball and went home because he knew give it some more time to establish brock and we could have seen a great angle. pitting brock against scsa then would have gone down like lead balloon. after all the way brock left wwe i think scsa did the right thing, that awful WM match with goldberg proved brocks never in scsa league… and thats the bottom line