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– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin spoke with Inside The Ropes recently. The video is embedded below. Here are a few highlights:

His WWE ‘13 sit down promo with CM Punk and Jim Ross:
“It was a lot of fun going back and being a part of WWE 13 the video game, hang out with my good buddy Jim Ross and CM Punk, a young guy in the business I really like, I really like what he’s bringing to the table and what he’s doing. To go back and play The Rattlesnake character was a lot of fun. You know we pushed the envelope a little bit there but we played it straight down the middle, but I would’ve loved to ramp it up and go full bore Stone Cold on him, but it just wasn’t that time. Who knows if there will be a time down the road, but I enjoyed being that guy. It’s a dynamic part of my personality. I enjoy the adrenaline.”

Bruno Sammartino’s criticisms of The Attitude Era:
“Bruno is a legend in the business and his opinion is his opinion. I think he’s very closed minded about the Attitude Era. One thing I think he’s missing out on is the fact that it’s the entertainment business. Speaking from a Stone Cold standpoint, I went out there and I entertained and I pushed the envelope but when it came time to ring that bell in that 20 by 20 ring, I wrestled my ass off. I brawled and I fought and I gave the fans every bit of their moneys worth. Bruno’s opinion is what it is. When you look back at where the business was, it was a little slow. I can appreciate that, but you fast forward all these years and it’s a little faster and either you like it or you don’t.”

  • Wellsy

    Sam, I sure hope so. And I hope they don’t spoil the surprise if it happens. No rumours of an Austin appearance. I just wanna see CM Lunk cutting a promo and hear the glass smash one more time!

  • sam

    somewhere down the line there will be an in-ring confrontation between austin and punk, that segment alone would be pure gold

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