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Average WWE RAW Rating for 2010, Dolph Ziggler Gets a New NXT Rookie

– For the year of 2010, WWE’s Monday Night RAW averaged a 3.28 cable rating. This is down 8% from 2009’s average rating of 3.57. In comparison, 2008 had an average rating of 3.27, 2007 had an average rating of 3.61 and in 2006, RAW had an average rating of 3.9.

– Dolph Ziggler won a Pros Battle Royal on Tuesday night’s WWE NXT which allowed him to switch out his Rookie. Ziggler dropped Jacob Novak, who was later eliminated, and picked up Byron Saxton as his Rookie. Masters, who had Saxton, was given Novak.

  • Sexton Hardcastle

    @ Jeff

    You idiot! Im sure it has nothing to do with the fact that wwe is so big the CAN have their cable network!

    I aint sayin… Im just sayin…

  • Jon

    Maybe TNA won’t be around in 2-3 years…

  • venom

    Is that Jeff hardy. lol. idiot.

  • me

    i concur, jeff is an idiot.

  • Jon-Jon

    @ Jeff


  • Zach


  • Jeff

    that my friends tell you and I wrestling wont be around in the next 2-3yrs. might be but wont be on USA thats why WWE wants to get their own station they kw whats gonna happen

  • Calling it right now…Masters gets released tomorrow.