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Averno-WWE Update, WWE Hiring Soap Opera Writers, Styles Gets Pied, More

– Below is video from yesterday of the WWE staff wishing Joey Styles a Happy Birthday:

– WWE Superstars Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov will be appearing at the Bay Beach Amusement Park in Green Bay, Wisconsin this Monday, July 18th at 11am to promote RAW that night.

– Back when all the talk was going on regarding Averno coming to WWE to work with Sin Cara, it was believed that he would be dropping his NWA Historic Middleweight Title due to his departure from Mexico. In an update, Averno retained his title in a rematch against La Mascara on July 4th. All signs point to Averno sticking around in Mexico for a while.

– As part of WWE restructuring their creative team, the company has been hiring more writers with soap opera experience.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • D2K

    Rant time.

    The whole problem with using the EPIC fail of Russo and Hogan as an argument in favor of this bone-head move is that just because you are a wrestler doesn’t mean you know how to book a wrestling program. Case in point, as long as Hogan has been in the industry and as much experience as he has, he still doesn’t have a clue on what he is doing and one only needs to look at TNA to see that. He took a successful wrestling company which if left alone could have made a run opposite RAW on Monday nights, and turned it into crap-soup in less than a year. His partner in crime Vince Russo never was a wrestler, only a writer. So he has no real perspective on it either.

    Professional wrestling was at it’s best when you had people booking the shows that had real creative ability AND had the experience of being a wrestler. Dusty Rhodes for example in the NWA and WCW before Bischoff Baboon Jamboree kicked-in. Or even the short time Jake Roberts was involved in booking in the mid-90s for the WWF. Jake’s ideas and input are what really turned the WWF around and kick started the ‘Attitude’ Era. Without Jake, where would Austin be today?

    No, I think hiring soap-opera writers is just more confirmation that WWE has absolutely no idea what they are doing anymore and they have COMPLETELY lost touch with the fans and their product. They are grasping at straws because they are too lazy to think for themselves and they are turning over every stone they can to find an excuse to leave the ship on auto-pilot so that they can just sit back and enjoy profits without having to put forth and creative effort. Which has been their philosophy for the last 8 years.

    There is nothing creative about soap-operas anymore. That’s why so many have shut down and there is about to be only 4 or 5 TOTAL. Even main staples like All My Children and General Hospital are being canceled. Like Liz said, all people do on soaps are screw each other. The entire shows revolves around that and it the same storylines regurgitated over and over again.

    As far as the CM Punk storyline goes, the only reason why that storyline is good is because HE is making it good. It has NOTHING to do with the writers and everything to do with Punk ‘breaking the 4th wall’ and giving fans what we ACTUALLY want instead of telling us want we are supposed to want.

    What they need to do is go find Jake, dry him out, put a 24-hour detail on him to prevent him from drinking any alcohol, give him a pad and paper and let him go to work. Within 2-years Monday Night RAW would be the hottest program on television. And if that doesn’t work, try a more unconventional approach. Have open job fairs for those writing positions with the prerequisite that you must be a TRUE wrestling fans (and there should be some questions to prove as much) and have some creative writing ability.

    That’s what I think anyway.

  • Elizabeth

    Devil_rising agree why would they do that they dont know shit nout wrestling we know more than those shity soap opera writers but if they get hired to write for wwe they could atleast have interesting storylines like cm punk one right now

  • Bill

    @Devil_Rising, I’m sorry to say it, but as far as I know, WCW went under since Hulk Hogan & a bunch of other guys booked themselves. Now, Russo was terrible for WCW(& every other company), but when Hogan booked himself to win every match, it got bad. If retired wrestlers did booking, then it would be okay. I’m not sure about the 80’s, but I know Hogan booked himself in WCW. Then again, I’m a little rough on my WCW history. You may know more than me.

  • Devil_Rising

    Too bad WWE doesn’t get it. The show was good in the 80s and for at least most of the 90s (before Russo came around), because they had WRESTLERS doing the booking. People who understood WRESTLING, and what WRESTLING fans like and want to see. Hiring a bunch of idiot screen-writers whose expertese is sitcoms and soap operas and shit….is moronic. WWE is neither. And these people know ZIP about WRESTLING (Which has become a bad word to WWE anyway).

  • venom

    I don’t think we need another masked Mexican wrestler to help Sin Cara get over. Sin Cara seems to be doing okay so far.

  • Joshua


    Exactly, I’d imagine some good storylines will be in the future. Stories that keep people interested and curious. Is always a win in my opinion anyway. God knows this CM Punk storyline has me glued to the tv. Lol.

  • Joshua


    Well hopefully, Maybe it would get us off the damned PG era. (Ha, Joke, But we can dream right?)

  • V-R-A

    @ Joshua, I agree man. This is a positive step in the right direction. It will also be one of those things we’ll have to wait and see for the long term effects to show.

  • Elizabeth

    Everybody will be screwing each other now

  • Joshua

    Wait for the sarcastic “Soap opera” comments to come in.

    Realistically, it’s actually a good thing. Better writers with Drama=More interesting storylines in WWE. So I consider it good news.