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A.W. Fan Signs Confiscated At Raw In Dallas, Says WWE Is ‘Afraid’ Of Him

At Monday’s Raw at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, WWE had arena personnel confiscate fans’ signs pertaining to former Superstar A.W., whose contract was terminated last Friday due to his continued use of offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media following his crass remark on the July 30 episode of Raw.

A.W., whose real name is Brian Jossie, is not pleased with WWE’s actions Monday. He vented on Twitter, “Anyone that has had their sign taken from them in support of me should realize that the #WWE are the real bullies!!! #BeAFuckingStar.”

Jossie also took offense to JTG’s “burial” on Raw, which he says stems from the WWE Superstar’s “controversial remarks” on Twitter last week where he said his “locker room brothers” were being taken advantage of. Before JTG encountered Ryback for his match, Jossie predicted, “After JTG just ripped their ass on twitter he’s showcased but I’m fired for saying support Linda! Now watch them bury him…” Then after Ryback had soundly beaten JTG, Jossie lamented, “What else can I say… JTG just got did in for his disrespect to his masters.. #IAintOnThePlantation.”

Jossie had stated hours earlier, “I’m not a racist!! I’m a realist! The only race card that got played was the Senate “RACE” Card!. He also noted, “Vince didn’t want some no name Negro associated with his less than stellar half mummified ass wife! #Vote4ChrisMurphy.”

Jossie then challenged “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, who hosted “Piper’s Pit” on Raw, to a verbal duel.

“I would love to be on Pipers Pit!! That muthafucka would be speechless! He ain’t neva met a guy like me….,” Jossie wrote. “AbeWashVsPipersPit! In my opinion Piper’s Pit wins. He was allowed to speak his mind! They would neva let me speak my mind #ILLUMINATED.” He continued. “I’d destroy that muthafucka!! #BigFanOfThePit #HeAintBettaThanMe..”

Finally, Jossie noted: “I will be addressing the wrestling universe soon..

“The #WWE is afraid of me…

“Vince you shook my hand and betrayed me within the same week…”

  • Enuffisenuff

    AW seriously needs to stop, it’s not cutting-edge anymore…it’s becoming repetitive. Enough is enough already…the same with the fake SYM, it’s not even funny…it’s annoying.

  • chris

    Man I’m done with the WWE now, fuc* them to hell.

  • Wellsy

    One loud mouth ex-employee will not derail a Senate campaign. I’m sure the competition have their own whiney ex-employees to boot.

  • SYM

    So many of you are Blind and need to wake the Fuck up. Honestly for one you should take things to serious. The Piper thing wasnt a Joke, and AW’s “I’m Not on the Plantation” comment is Racist and offensive in any way (I’m pretending to be Black). I am Fickle because just 2 Days ago I wish I was making love to AW. Now that hes saying how he doesnt feel me, he might aswell be the damn devil to me. I am now going to TICKLE MY ASS PEOPLE.

  • SYM

    So many of you are Blind and need to wake the Fuck up. Honestly for one you take things way to serious. The Piper thing was a Joke, and AW’s “I’m Not on the Plantation” comment isn’t Racist or offensive in any way (I’m Black). You all are Fickle just 2 Days ago you were Loving AW. Now that hes saying how he feels, he might aswell be the damn devil. You are FICKLE ASS PEOPLE.

  • sam

    he claims he would basically out talk piper?? ok son in your dreams

  • Angry Benny

    #IAintOnThePlantation, what a fucking racist, and saying , “I’m not a racist!! just makes you more of a racist, He just pulls out the race card whenever, fuck A.W. it was funny at first, then he thinks he could say anything, eventually this will blow over and he will have to come up with more rants and claims just to be relevant, Well not to be racist but Unemployeement just went up and guess who’s gonna collect a check from the Government Check??

  • ant

    AW is a classless piece of garbage. He’d destroy Roddy Piper? Who the fuck talks trash about a guy who is almost 60?

    And people seriously want this asshole back in the WWE?

  • Bill

    Whoops, I meant “right their wrong”, not “write”. Not that grammar is important on the internet… but yeah, WWE needs to get their act together. Raw felt odd. Not horrible, but the Punk angle was okay, too many recaps, & Lesnar vs. HBK was a bit awkward at first.

  • mike

    why does anyone give crap what this dude says. its not like anyone ever watched him when he was on tv. yeah, its a bummer you got fired but just move on.

  • jt

    for this fucker to even mention roddy piper in the same sentence as himself is a fucking joke, he deserves to be fired for thinking he can hang with hot rod on the mic

  • Bill

    In a way, WWE probably IS afraid of him. Imagine if the opponents of Linda’s campaign found out about AW & used him & his story against her. Honestly, WWE should bite the bullet & rehire AW so he stops his ranting. I mean, I agree with him, but from a business standpoint, Vince & Co. need to write their wrong & essentially get AW to shut up, no disrespect to anyone. They could also run things much better backstage, too. Even if it’s PG & Cena garbage, they can’t keep insulting & screwing talent. Bad storylines are tolerable, since they can get better, but backstage garbage can only get worse,

  • chronoxiong

    I feel bad for AW but I do think that he needs to stop saying bad names about Linda. The world knows that Linda’s Senate campaign has changed the WWE so he doesn’t need to keep saying her name. He needs to just talk about the “behind the scenes” people. The Be A Star campaign still continues to be a joke too.

  • TG

    Much respect to Brian Jossie but its a way you go bout doing things dont (female dog) in every tweet. Now the guy is flat out real which I like and says the things that need to be said but I’m for sure would love for him to have a shoot with WWE face to face.