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TMZ.com released a video Thursday of CM Punk backing WWE’s decision to terminate A.W.’s contract after he cracked a “rape joke” on the July 30, 2012 episode of Raw.

“He got fired. Yeah. He made a rape joke. I don’t think—I don’t like to see anyone lose their job, but if anyone is justified in getting fired, ya know, making fun of rape… I don’t think that’s funny,” Punk said outside Mr. Chows in Beverly Hills, California on Wednesday night.

A WWE spokesman claimed to TMZ.com last week that it wasn’t just the “rape joke” that cost A.W. his job, but rather “because he continued to exhibit poor judgment by making offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media.”

A.W. responded to Punk’s remarks via Twitter, writing, “I see @CMPunk has become a bit vocal in saying I should have been fired for an (Alleged) rape joke. Well then why wasn’t Big Show fired?

“He wasn’t fired because he draws more money than I do. With @WWE it’s not about Morals… It’s about Money.”

A.W. then posted multiple messages alluding that Punk is racist, based on Punk’s cult-like savior character as the leader of the Straight Edge Society.

“This scene look familiar to anyone..?? Hey @CmPunk I know rape jokes aren’t cool but what are you suggesting here? pic.twitter.com/s1mSNFx8.”

“@WWE sure knows how to entertain its PG Universe. Charles Manson or the AntiChrist.. You decide! pic.twitter.com/9pcnnz1g.”

He also re-tweeted a message reading, “HAHA i could see punk being a strait-edge-KKK supporter when the cameras go off….”


  • barry horowitz

    lmfao I dont understand how he gets cm punk as a bigot out of a storyline he did like 3 or 4 years ago that had nothing to do with race but okay a.w. have fun in the unemployment line I’m sure theres alot of work out there for talentless managers who cant even be a decent mouth piece for their wrestlers. and guys like SYM and ant and kgm are fucking retards who should be forcibly retired from the internet.

  • scooter

    See had the guy just shut up and waited till this all died down I bet he would have got brought back because lets be honest how often do WWE use managers? So clearly they saw something in him.

  • Legend Killer

    I know it was just storylines but it’s ironic that he told us every week that it was ‘all about the money’. We see what you mean now A.W

  • SYM

    AW is gay, all I can say

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    Wait a minute, wait a minute. A.W. said something that was completely out of line… Big Show draws money?!

  • Tombstone

    ^^^^^^^ To the idiot above^^^^^^ Dumbass!

    To the rest of the IWC (internet wrestling complainers) While I agree with most of the post here I cant help but think if John Cena were in Punks place here you would all be singing a different tune.

  • Lord KGM

    Also just because the band that sings his song is black, doesn’t mean he likes black people. It means he likes the music they produced, CM Punk is a pure racist just like John Cena! Congratulations folks we have been praising racist bigots for years now.

  • Lord KGM

    This seems like the kkk debate. Lets be real, they fired him because of Linda McMahons senate run for Connecticut seat. A.W. has said way less offensive topics than CM Punk as the SES leader comparing himself to christ or Austin when he stole a scripture from the bible! Its fans like you all that is the reason WWE will be bankrupt in 5 years if it doesn’t change. CM Punk was out of line to even comment and I’m sure Vince will approach him about commenting on something that has no involvement with himself. This comment really shows me a lot about CM Punk now, I used to think that he could turn around and make the most of this run. Fuck that racist bitch now, clown ass flabby champion! Peace lord KGM

  • ant

    Also, SYM=Joke Account

  • evetorres_chin

    fun fact: CM Punk is George Zimmermans cousin

  • Loopy420

    If Chris Jericho puts zack Gowan in the walls is it called a half crab??

  • rko

    As soon as this obama looking punk starts pulling out the race card he’s lost the argument. I don’t find cm’s taste in theme music appealing but AW might have missed the memo that punk’s theme music is sung by black musicians, if that means anything.

  • ant

    man i bet 100 dollars that if this was Paul Heyman saying all this nobody would say a word against Heyman but because its AW its all of a sudden bad to vent fruatration about the wwe (which certain idiots dont realize thats what got Punk over in the first place) so because its AW now all of a sudden its not okay

  • ant

    man i bet 100 dollars that if this was

  • Whitewing

    Perhaps Big Show didnt get fired because the WWe wasn’t so PG consiouse and into political correctness. Jericho himself said “This isnt the Attitude Era anymore”. Shit that was “Oh, he did NOT just say that” 10 years ago is more “How dare he say that! Someone should do something about this!” these days.

  • Jeff Miles

    Look, AW was a relative newcomer to WWE, and he was treated like an employee still on probation. He knew he fucked up and was fired. He wasn’t even that talented…still, I hate the lack of great managers in the biz today….

  • CC

    this guy is pretty much proving why he was fired. its not about a single rape joke, its about his whole attitude. Once again, he can pull out the “big show” card, and that proves nothing as its fucking obvious to anyone that a guy like show is gonna get an easier ride than a fucktard who has been in the company for five mins. Common sense dictates that when you are as new as AW was, you keep your head down, tow the company line and then when you make it, stretch the boundries, not before then.
    As for the comments about Punk. Punk made a genuine comment on his feelings on the matter, and regardless of whether you agree with those comments or not, coming up with ridiculous racist comments, just shows what a tool AW is.

  • xXx

    punk just added the icing on the cake. don’t you think people will start to get sick of his non-stop rants after some time? sure, he coulda been great, but hey! he screwed up in wwe’s eyes

  • CM Mark

    I got 4 letters for ya…

    F U A W

  • TheSheepDog

    “With @WWE it’s not about Morals… It’s about Money.” well noooo shit sherlock

  • angel z

    go aw you can do it

  • Ricardo

    Ahahah I love it. If you read the posts on this website about AW, you would read how the IWC was totally behind him and his comments. Now CM Punk speaks against AW, and all of a sudden the idiotic zombies in the IWC are all “oh, AW is boring, oh AW should shut up, oh WWE did well to fire him”. Punk’s words are the IWC gospel. It would be even more funny if it wasn’t so damn sad.

  • Best In The World

    Give it up already A.W. no one cares anymore

  • yofits

    Hashtag bring back AW

  • sam

    anyone else gotten really bored with A.W constant twitter rants now??

  • xXx

    this idiot gets more annoying by the day..

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Nah i think its a common conception WWE would be better if Vince was dead.

  • SYM

    AW you shouldn’t insult CM Punk the IWC will Haze you for it, then cry over under cooked Macaroni. Hell CM Punk said the WWE would be better if Vince was Dead. The difference between that comment and AW’s comments is that Punk was serious…..Or it was a work and Punk’s a Fony.

  • HalfwayJames

    I felt bad for A.W. at first because it seemed to be an overreaction to nothing major. Now seeing how he acts after the fact says a lot about the actual character he has as a person and I can’t find the sympathy I once had for him anymore.

  • Hasan

    Poor AW :( I miss him.

  • Hank

    Yeah, CM Punk is a racist even though Kofi Kingston is his travelling partner.

    God, shut up AW. This guy proves more with every passing day that he has the judgment of a blind, one armed drunk driver.

  • Cropsy

    I guess AW realizes he’s fucked no matter what so he’s not going to stop being annoying until someone either shuts him up or gives him his job back. It defiantly won’t be the latter.

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