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AW Says WWE Fired Him for Last Week’s Linda McMahon Tweet

– AW spoke with on Monday and says he was released from WWE for a tweet he posted last week about Linda McMahon. He wrote:

“#AWPromotion$ says vote for Linda McMahon!!! The PTP’z support Linda and so should you! #voteordie4Linda”

AW told

“That’s how they show support for their employees who want to support Linda. They fire them. That’s complete bull(expletive).”

“For some reason they don’t want to associate [Linda] with anything to do with wrestling because it’s in the past. Vince doesn’t want any association with her campaign. They told me it’s two totally different entities, which I didn’t know. I thought I was doing a good thing.”

  • JD

    He didn’t get fired for that tweet, he got fired for his Kobe joke.

  • Jimmy Rustler

    It’s easy to say “let it go” when it wasn’t you who lost a 7 figure salary you bunch of ignoramuses.

  • Shawn O B

    guys hes mad, but let him try to have Lindas opposition listen to his words. (thats his way of venting…)

  • Eddie Money

    Agree with Nikki. Linda’s WWE ties are always going to haunt her and be used against her and never win a seat.

    As for AW I’m with him and all but the whole thing about the senate race and WWE being two different entities I think would go without saying.

  • nikki

    Linda McMahon will never win a seat anyways regardless..

  • Rick Jarvis

    Who is AW???????????????

  • SYM

    Here we go let the STFU AW comments begin. Same with u morons hating Ken Doane.

  • Robinson

    @keylo, well said. He really needs to relax BC this is starting to get repetitive and stupid. I know he got canned for dumb reasons but just hit up tna and let it go bro

  • keylo

    ^^^ Someone thats needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP asap as while I agreed with his stance last week, now he is becoming annoying.

  • Rick Jarvis

    OK who in the heck is AW

  • Logan

    AW, I know your pissed but chill with the online rampage for awhile. Spend time with your family, have a beer/wine, play some Sleeping Dogs just mellow out brah. WWE did you wrong cause you did your job as a heel, but just relax a bit.

  • JohnCena33 FEARS! MaNic

    vote or die? , if Linda were to some how die , WWE could rise again! they won’t have to play it safe and be family friendly to impress voters.