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– Gail Kim commented on Twitter about recent reports of her working as a heel. She wrote: “People I was forced to be maryse’s tag partner by the GM! She left me high and dry so don’t think I wanted to be her partner.I had no choice.”

– Awesome Kong, who lives in the Boston area, was backstage at last night’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

– There was a lot of criticism coming from within WWE last night regarding the quality of the commentary by Michael Cole, Matt Striker and Jerry Lawler.

Source: F4Wonline.com

  • ejjigga

    I guess people don’t like the fact that Striker has knowledge. King was clueless when Striker called the Michinoku Driver. I guess Jerry doesn’t remember the big feud his son had with TAKA in the WWE.

  • http://sylverstone14.tumblr.com Sylverstone Khandr

    I enjoyed Striker’s mark-out moment when Booker T came out.

    I want J.R. back.

  • Kim

    @Rusty I said the same thing. I did not like the commentary last night. To me Cole is just not good as an announcer. He should be a manager or something. I do like Striker on commentary though. He is a fan and it comes across. I loved him marking out at Nash and Booker T. That was funny.


    i quite like the new guy on superstars, scott stanford i think his name is i might be wrong though.

  • Big T

    I really like Matt Striker. I can’t stand Cole’s character but thats probably the point (which makes me a mark). I’ve come to terms with not getting JR back. I kinda miss JBL on commentary.

  • Adam

    I’m starting to think Josh Matthews is a better announcer. He’s no JR, but I’d rather take him as the voice of the WWE than I would Michael Cole. The guy shouldn’t be interviewing wrestlers anymore. Instead he should take Matt Striker’s spot. Even JR gave him praise the night Michael Cole got RKO’ed.

  • Vinny

    I don’t like Striker on commentary either, but his ‘mark out’ comments were good last night, I’ll say. Even though I dislke Striker, i kn ow hes a fan at heart and really loves the business. So he gets a pass from me.

    Cole? I like him, but not this heel persona hes got now. I would like JR/King on RAW, Cole/??? on SmackDown.

  • Clara711

    There was one point where they were all shouting over one another. They managed to miss eliminations and at one point Cole had to tell Striker that he had already commented on someone’s elimination.


    john cena had choice words for cole after he was eliminated, hopefully cena will attack him and get him off tv for a while

  • http://www.hotmail.com danny

    its cole that recked the commentry his got to much bromance and no good at being a heel his just hated simple as id like to see how matt striker and king do with how good he did when booker entered

  • Adam

    @yechiel Yeah that’s why Wrestling Observer Newsletter awarded him as the Worst Television Announcer 3 times and just recently 2 in a row.

  • Fink

    All this love for Striker is ridiculous. That “mark out” moment was very fake and way over the top. And the guy also does nothing but point out the most obvious things. Most of his ramblings and insight is completely useless. Striker is a terrible commentator.

  • Rich

    black snow is better tho

  • yechiel{israel}

    michael cole is awesome,he’s not perfect but he’s doing a great job.

  • eL GeNeRiCO

    Striker’s commentary was like listening to a donkey fart into a bucket. I cannot stand Striker as a commentator.

  • Zach

    JR! JR! JR! JR! JR! JR! JR! JR! JR! JR! JR! JR! JR!

  • Joe

    Striker’s commentary last night was possibly the best I’ve ever heard of him. As far as I know he didn’t have any made up “facts,” and he called moves by their correct names (most notably, Orton’s power slam, which Cole always calls a “scoop slam”).

  • Rich

    @matt..what if black snow comes and replaces cole on commentary.that would be sick

  • Mel

    Get rid of Cole and commentary would be fine ! He’s an A** on camera and off ! I loved it too when Matt was freaking out with Booker T’s entrance….too funny. The dream team is King and J.R., you can’t deny that..everybody wants it….but if we can’t have those two, just please get rid of Michael Cole. Let him carry Miz’s bags or something! UGH! LOL

  • In Grind We Crust

    I loved Striker’s commentating, Cole made me want to take a hot iron to the scrotum. King was w/e as always to me.

  • nobody

    yeah I saw nothing wrong or out of the ordinary. Can’t bash last night’s performance without implying every PPV for the past year and a half (or however long) has sucked. I like this commentary: more personal, but still professional. I could do without Cole’s gimmick though. It was over the top last night. If anything was wrong, it was that.

  • Rich

    I liked when Booker T came out and Matt Striker was freaking out lol

  • tom

    Loved Matt Striker’s “mark out moment” when Booker T appeared! Cole’s trying so hard to be heel he just ends up sounding like a **** especially whenever Miz is around. Reunite JR & Lawler!

  • Ron

    i thought they did a good job commentating.

  • Jeff

    Commentary did kind of suck. Mostly because Michael Cole is more about ass kissing miz than about actual broadcasting.

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