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Backstage confrontation at this past weekend’s Impact Wrestling tapings

According to a report from PWInsider, a loud argument between Karen Jarrett and longtime Impact Wrestling employee, Bob Ryder, took place at this past Sunday’s (April 23, 2017) Impact tapings. Karen reportedly started the argument by yelling at Ryder over the booking of a hotel room.

Karen then stormed out and Jeff then approached Ryder and told him to leave the taping, and he did. The whole ordeal was so bad that some believed that Ryder was no longer with the company. The report does confirm that Ryder is in fact still with the company, as he was at the Impact offices in Nashville today (Tues. April 25, 2017).

Ryder also noted on Twitter that all is well:

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  • Thomas Murray

    hmm could have be done on purpose as its meaning as you know is goodbye, get that tinfoil hat working man lol

  • Solid

    1. Karen’s looking a bit rough these days, at first glance I thought it was Jackie Gayda. 😛
    2. Who’s Ryan? Proofreading /copy/paste fail.

  • MrDr3w