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Backstage Consensus on CM Punk’s Decision to Appear on AMC’s “Talking Dead”

– According to reports, there is some bitterness toward CM Punk’s decision to appear on AMC’s “Talking Dead” this Sunday night…

The general consensus is that if Punk can travel to Los Angeles to appear on the show, then he should have been able to attend Raw from his home town of Chicago to at least discuss his situation with someone in person.

There’s also some uncertainty about what Punk will say, if anything, about his WWE status.


  • Guest

    D2K, You should become Leader. Make these Punk morons understand he did something wrong and stop worshipping him. Its all a work and Im Vince Russo, and thats the bottom line

  • The Killswitch

    We covered this a while back, so it’s not anything new.

  • D2K


  • D2K

    Red herrings and ad-hominems? Really? You claim I have no proof of what I said because the proof I gave isn’t what you want to hear (which I’m sorry to say no one cares about that fact except you.) According to you, because Vince McMahon, WWE, or Phil Brooks did not make a public announcement to say that they “mutually-agreed to part ways” that did not happen. Well, if that is what you want to believe you are welcome to go ahead and keep doing that along with posting characters at the end of the paragraph to show the level of your maturity and intelligence. Of course you’ll deny that as well. But I don’t need to say anymore because you have already made yourself look 10x more ridiculous than I already did. So I’ll just let you drown in the tidal wave of your own dilapidation and ignorance.

  • D2K

    CM Punk’s net-worth is 7.6 million dollars. Suing him would not make much sense. Especially regarding the fact that his contract is up in a few months anyway. WWE is still making money off of his name and likeness in merchandise sales. Sales have only dipped just a little bit as well. The money it would cost Vince to go to court would be far beyond anything amount he could claim to be losing do to Punk leaving the company. Had this of happened right when he signed the new deal back in 2011 then oh yeah, a lawsuit would be viable and warranted.


  • D2K

    Their ‘base salary’ is guaranteed as long as the individual meets the terms of the contract. Once the individual steps out of those terms the contract is breached. If a wrestler cannot wrestle through no fault of their own such as a debilitating injury, sickness, or family tragedy, they’ll still get paid while being gone. Back in the day there was no such thing.

    So in Punk’s case (assuming this is not a massive troll-job work which I think it is) because he left on his own he breached the contract which means all bets are off.

  • The Killswitch

    Oh hey, a story we reported on this site. No new or exclusive news or anything.

  • MrDr3w

    Also, the workers are issued a “base salary” in their contract, which is guaranteed money. Merch sales, royalties, and appearances are added to the base salary.

  • D2K

    Now please, go away. And don’t waste my time with semantics and red herrings either.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    eh its probably the morons within the creative team. he walked out because he didn’t like the direction things were going (case and point Craptista winning the rumble), deal with it

  • JAckh45

    “mutually agreed to part way” I’m sorry but you know this how?
    No one has stated anything about what had happened. If anything all we know is that Punk was very vocal about saying how he wasn’t injured and wanted to work the show.
    If you have some proof to back up your claim… then show it.

  • D2K

    My guess is that this “general consensus” is made up of people who have absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE of the situation. It’s really sad when you see statements like this. Telling a grown man what he ‘ought’ to do in his spare time.

    Had he of shown up on RAW in Chicago all people would have done is say how selfish he was just to come back in front of his hometown crowd. You people aren’t slick. I’m glad he’s being reclusive. Leave him the hell alone.

  • D2K

    You know what’s so bad about all this. Punk CAME TO WORK on the Monday after RR and had a long discussion with Vince McMahon. After not seeing eye to eye, they mutually agreed to part ways for the time being. It’s not like with Austin where he left the show without telling anybody and got on a plane to go home. THAT’S walking off the job and Austin even admits that was the wrong thing to do. Yet so many people act as though Punk just quit and ran off.

  • D2K

    It isn’t. The same people crying about him leaving calling him names and making derogatory remarks about him are the same people who think every decision in his life involves them somehow.

  • MrDr3w

    THE GUY IS STILL UNDER CONTRACT!!!! He’s getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit at home, because he didn’t like a storyline. Personally, I don’t want him back. Give his spot to someone else who deserves it. Do your job until your contract is done, or quit. Don’t “walk out” like a baby. Sure, he was always great in the ring, but WWE made him one of the top guys, and one of the best personalities ever to set foot in a ring or pick up a mic. Then he got knocked down a peg and left. Remember the losing streak Cena had? It’s entertainment. It’s not real. In fact, it’s all politics. Maybe if he wasn’t such a jerk, he would be the top guy. At the very least, he owes them a face-to-face meeting when they’re a short drive away from where he lives.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Since when is it anybody else’s business what Punk does on his own time?

  • jrock2310

    the reason he quit is to get time off. time off to recuperate. time off to clear his head. time off the road. he, himself voiced displeasures of traveling all the time. being on the road for WWE 6 days a week & going to an event he has interest in is totally different. besides… he can hop on a plane right after & go home. something he couldn’t do if he were working for WWE right now.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Who gives a sh*t anymore, enough with this CM Punk nonsense. Let the guy just do whatever he wants, because that’s what he’s going to do anyways. This isn’t even news anymore.