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Backstage Eve News, Who Came Up with Punk’s NOC Gear, More

– Word coming out of Night of Champions was that Paul Heyman came up with the idea to have CM Punk wear New York Yankees pinstriped ring gear.

– New WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres has a ton of supporters and fans within WWE. This and her winning NBC’s Stars Earn Stripes are why she won the title at Night of Champions.

– WWE reportedly took away anti-John Cena signs before the main event at Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view in Boston.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • ChrisDV


    Not the first time this has happened – Umaga was told he couldn’t wear black with white detail wore because those were Triple H’s colours, R-Truth was told he couldn’t wear cammo (Despite wearing it for years) since D-X were using it at that time.

    Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been using a colour scheme, if someone higher up the ladder wants it, they’ll get priority over you.

  • rob

    People just need to start chanting “Boring” every time Cena cuts a promo or is in the ring for WWE to finally get a clue. On the other hand, Cena and Punk’s match at NOC was great, so the man can wrestle but it’s only his character that totally sucks now.

  • BS

    WWE can not open its eye and see people are sick of John Cena. He can be a headline but him being the end all be all center of the WWE Universe has passed. People dont care and are fed up

  • Kannon81

    Anyone notice that sandow and ziggler both had their pink gear changed? Hmmm I guess only cena is entitled to wear it. Sandow wore purple trunks instead of pink and Ziggler had a black show off shirt.

  • Jericho4life

    i saw an ( Anti-Cena ) Sign There !

  • Jimbo

    WWE refuses to let it go. Every major storyline since WM has been an attempt to get the other half of the crowd to cheer for Cena.

  • marc

    Cena is the only wrestler who get’s booed in his home town. If they took signs at Night of Champions they failed catching the majority. Their were a bunch of “cena sucks” signs. Someone was literally handing them out to people.

    WWE needs to start listening to the people if they are even sick of him in his home state of Massachusetts.

  • art

    95% of the crowd boo cena & since their paying to see the show they should be able to bring any signs they want….

  • josh

    I defintely saw “Cena Sucks” signs, so they failed at that

  • Tom

    I find it kind of pathetic that WWE feels the need to take away signs when people are still going to vocally voice their opinion of Cena. I know it was his “hometown” and that they wanted him to be the face but at this point a large segment of the audience is never going to like him at all.

    I wonder if WWE is going to start taking away pro CM Punk signs because it makes Cena look bad (even though his character and wrestling do the most of that).

    I know its stereotypical to bash people on the IWC but I have never and will never like Cena.