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Backstage Fallout From Monday’s Raw SuperShow, Teen Survivor Meets Cena

— Santino Marella, Daniel Bryan and Kelly Kelly react to Raw SuperShow events in the latest episode of Backstage Fallout.


— KGW Channel 8 in Portland, Oregon features a story on John Cena meeting Jeremiah Neubaum, a local teenager, at Monday’s Raw SuperShow at the Rose Garden.

When Jeremiah was a baby, his babysitter shook him. He suffered severe brain damage and his prognosis was grim. “The paramedics didn’t think he’d live to see the hospital,” said Dena Neubaum, Jeremiah’s mother. “If he did he wouldn’t talk or walk or do anything.” He defied the odds and he found himself at Raw Monday night.

“I got to meet John Cena in person,” he said. “That was awesome.”

— Former WWE Superstar Carlito wrote on Twitter regarding Monday’s Raw SuperShow, “RAW was watchable again tonight!”

  • suukur

    name 1 wrestler in entire 50 years of the company who made
    106 million dollars in 2011 alone !!!

    1 wrestler who has the record of granting wishes
    1 wrestler who draws heat/response of the wwe ALL THE TIME

    i can go on end on why JOHN CENA is the number one wrestler of all time
    if john was in hogans era he would bee the bigger know hero
    i think he even is cause hogan fucked his legacy by going to tna

    say what you want guys but respect cena
    go watch his old matches he can easily out wrestle 90% of the entire roster if
    staff writers LET HIM end if they would LET HIM DO his thing en not crappy pg, damn vince change it back please !!!
    the man carries wwe on his shoulders ALONE
    rock shared stoen cold taker jericho hhh end many more

  • voice of reason

    that kid wanted to meet one of his favorite superstars what’s wrong with that in my opinion not a damn thing it was his wish to meet john not yours so lay off of the kid he’s done nothing wrong at all.

    i like cena yes his in ring gimmick is a little stale but i like him as a person for his charitable work in giving back to such fans as this kid.

  • Philly655

    soulshroude.. u talk shit dumbass

  • Adam

    a baby being shook one time can indeed cause that kind of brain trauma, just as shaking a baby just once can kill a baby.
    any way, the disrespect that I see being shown by these disgraces makes me have to think about whether or not ill keep coming here for my wrestling news. and ive been coming here since the site 1st started

  • soulshroude

    There has to be more about that kid, one session of shaking doesn’t do that. Several perhaps, but not one. I was shaken as a child as well, and I don’t have the aftermath mental illness thing going on… So yes, of course he is alright if he went through a one shake scenerio.

  • Gorilla

    Much Respect Cena does things like that….AND LOL…LMAFO CARLITO. Says raw is watchable again lol like when he was around he made it so fu#king good lol you dumbass the average wwe fan doesn’t remember you

  • theMark

    Maybe the teen survivor is someone from Jeff Hardy’s house? or maybe its the rest of Kamala’s foot or the 3/4 of Bobby the Brain
    I wonder if Whitney Houston will get to meet John Cena?

  • Elizabeth

    Some people are so ignorant. And have no respect for anyone.

  • LSC

    @heyfit Have some respect jackass. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Cena is my favourite superstar, so what? So whoever you’re favourite superstar is, shall we just say you are stupid? Get a life troll PLEASE!

  • Im that little kid..Fuck all yall

  • heyfit

    That kid is stupid for liking Cena.

    Also, LOL at Carlito watching Raw. what a loser.

  • me

    sucks for the kid and all, but irrelevant of what happened to him, it doesn’t change the fact he has bad taste to like john cena

  • Bill

    Man, thank goodness for the kid. It’s cool how he got to meet one of his favorites after surviving such an event.

  • scooter

    when you see how much it means to these kids it really shows what great work the wwe does and hell I’ll say it Cena more than anyone I don’t care if you dislike his character or if you bored of him fact is no one that does as much as he does unless their at least somewhat legit!