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Backstage Fallout from RAW, More on ADR’s Face Turn, Flair

– Here is the latest episode of WWE’s Backstage Fallout from last night’s RAW:

– As seen on last night’s RAW, it appears that Ric Flair is back with WWE for the time being. Flair had reportedly been in talks to be the spokesman for more lotteries. WWE likely wouldn’t want one of their contracted performers doing something like that so it’s possible that those lottery talks are over. We should have more on Flair’s status with WWE in the next few days.

– After Alberto Del Rio’s apparent babyface turn at Sunday’s WWE TLC pay-per-view, there was talk within WWE on Monday morning of acting like it never happened.


  • Jeremy

    Dude Eve is not hot at all. Good lord…..whered all the hot divas go???? Wheres the trishs, litas, mickies??? No we get eve and akansas who look like men in drag. gross

  • eric

    It always seems during del rio heel days in wwe. That his lackey ricordo r. was getting more heat from fans than del rio. when ever u hear ricardo getting introduce as del rio personal ring annoucer got more boos/heel heat than del rio. kinda bad when ur lackey gets more heat from crowd than u. Also flair should stay out of ring. he is too old too be wrestling in ring. he is in same boat as hogan. just hangup wrestling boots. if wwe uses flair as manager to get one of mid card level guys over than would be cool. how about 3mb?

  • Zedd

    Good to see that the Divas champ is an obvious pre-op tranny with that face, Good God.

  • THEtruth

    now im not sayin flair is not HOF or that i dont dislike him but lets be real he is so bad in the ring has been for about 5 or so years he needs to stay on the mic he cant take a dumb or even throw punches good hurts my soul to watch him……and as for del rio as face is the beginning of the end for him in wwe he is a beast of a heel face he is not…at least not in wwe

  • adam

    He was acting like a face when he came down to the ring slapping the fans hands and smiling and then smiling when tommy came out and celebrating with him. He looked like he was having more fun as a face

  • Stevie P

    Flair looked great last night. Good to see him back. He looked like he was having the time of his life too.

    When The Shield was attacking him, I’m willing to bet they were marking the fuck out to be in the ring with him. I would.