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Backstage Fallout from RAW, Possible Match for Next Week, Vickie

– Below is the latest episode of WWE Backstage Fallout from RAW:

– Vickie Guerrero tweeted the following about last night’s RAW:

“Ok…ok…everyone is upset with me…BUT at least my actions on RAW were pleasing to Mr. McMahon #CougarInCharge”

– While it wasn’t officially announced on RAW last night per the stipulations, a WWE source notes that Ryback vs. Paul Heyman may still happen at RAW next week. Obviously this would create a way for Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to save Heyman.

  • onegorgeousgal

    @nick and nate whether anyone likes the Shield or they hate the Shield
    The Shield are and have already been making a very big impact in the WWE so far whether their actions are right or they are wrong
    it is really very hard to figure out these three guys and what they are about and what they want all i know is that they creep me out
    especially dean ambroise

  • onegorgeousgal

    sounds to me like Vickie Guerrero’s days of being raw managing supervisor are numbered after everything that went on last nighton monday night raw, with vince Mc mahon confronting Vickie Guerrero about the matches she made in the last few weeks catching on with her and dolph zigglers actions regarding the aj scandal which Vince Mc mahon called crap, with others not being happy about vickies choices paul heyman dolph ziggler who is her former client (she cant even manage wrestlers anyore) everything is catching up to Vickie Guerrero like i said before what goes around comes around and its catching up to vickie Guerrero her wrong choices and actions of how she runs monday night raw are what is going to make her days numbered as being raw managing supervisor which wont be long as Vickie Guerrero wont be raw managing supervisor due to her wrong choices and actions of how she runs the show,she will no longer be a figure of authority anymore because it was clear to me from Vince Mc Mahons appearance with Confronting Vickie Guerrero on Monday night raw last night , that he really regrets hiring Vickie Guerrero as raw managing supervisor big time, and i know as well as anyone else that Vickie Guerrero was the one who cost Aj lee her job as raw general manager by lying so she her self can run the show again even if its not a general manager job and its a temporary job with being raw managing supervisor as far as im concerned and see it Vickie’s Days are numbered as far as her being the raw managing supervisor goes, and when she does not have that job anymore, she will have nothing in wwe, shes no longer managing dolph ziggler or jack swagger and pretty soon she will no longer be raw managing supervisor due to her actions the last few weeks with the aj scandal with how shes running the show and making matches that are non sense and bull crap, everything for Vickie Guerrero in the wwe for life in wwe for Vickie Guerrero is going down hill, and being Vince Mc mahon caught up to her actions with things sounds to me like pretty soon the wwe board of Directors is going to take action against Vickie Guerrero, and Vince Mc Mahon is going to say the famous words at some point to Vickie Guerrero which are VICKIE GUERRERO YOUR FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you ask me by Vince Mc Mahon saying that to Vickie Guerrero he will be doing the WWE and the WWE universe a very big favor

  • Nate

    Says the guy whom can’t even spell *shield…

  • nick

    the sheild is so stupid..