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Backstage heat on Baron Corbin due to his recent actions

Baron Corbin

It’s safe to say that the decision to have Baron Corbin lose his Money In The Bank cash in came as a surprise to the majority of the WWE fans and left them wondering what was the reason behind it.

During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez talked about the issue and revealed that Corbin actually has some heat backstage due to his recent actions on Twitter.

According to him, Corbin getting involved in a twitter battle with the likes Mojo Rawley, Nikki Bella, Dave Meltzer and several fans as well made the officials upset.

Prior to Bryan’s comments Dave Meltzer noted on Twitter that John Cena and Mojo Rawley were also the reason why the former NXT Superstar lost his Championship match:

Later a report from Cagesideseats explained Meltzer’s comment and claimed that Corbin performed poorly during his verbal battles with Cena on recent Smackdown shows which caused the officials to lose faith in him.

This is also one of the reasons why Corbin became the third person to cash in his Money In The Bank Contract and lose the title match after John Cena and Damien Sandow

  • JJ

    What does Damien Sandow have to do with this?

  • Arnold Jackson

    If we live in a world where Mojo Rawley has enough pull to end someone’s push, then maybe it’s time to stop watching wrestling. I get that he is only there be the company wants Gronk to sign. I get they are letting Rhonda Rousey’s girl win the Mae Young thing in attempt to get Rhonda to sign. I get that having famous friends gets you perks but seriously, this is Mojo Rawley we are talking about!

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    It has nothing to do with Backstage he simply not ready to be Champion.

  • CC

    That is a bit unfair to Braun. He was awful when he started, and should not even have been on the main roster, but he has got his head down and improved. Yeah he is still limited in what he can do, but he is no worse than someone like The Big Show and can actually move a lot faster than him. Even his mic work has improved dramatically.

    As for Nia, personally as much as I dislike her, I think she has been booked dreadfully,
    She should be a dominant monster heel, but instead has been relegated to an almost comedy sidekick for Bliss and keeps getting defeated (quite often completely clean).
    Is she really a top contender or just made it through to the last match to make Banks look strong?

  • MrDr3w

    Maybe if they move him to RAW and have him beat up Roman Reigns, he’ll be a huge star. Braun’s proven that that’s really all it takes. Better booking is needed there as well. He won the Andre battle royal and they haven’t had him do anything with that since. Nia Jax and Corbin are in the same boat in my opinion. Both are mediocre in the ring, both can be downright awful on the mic, and yet Nia is a top contender because she is being booked better.

  • CC

    His mic work has always been crap, so is it any wonder that he would look so poor compared to a seasoned veteran like Cena, whose whole gimmick is built around talking.

    They would have been better off doing more of an Undertaker or Benoit type thing where he barely speaks and just lets his actions speak for him. Only problem is, his actions are not that great either.

    Too many times WWE pushes guys before they are ready, then realises it is not working out (stand up Mojo Rawley). Only occasionally does this tactic work out. (Braun Strowman springs to mind)

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    So people are just now starting to realize that Corbin kind of sucks…??

  • 1molly23

    Baron Corbin ought to know by now not to mess with Nikki Bella.

  • M

    If that’s the main reason, it’s ridiculous. All things considered, Corbin talking back to people is part of his character, kayfabe or not, it’s not like he was telling people to kill themselves. I thought Vince liked people who didn’t put up with s**t. His mic work has improved significantly, I doubt Meltzer’s opinion on that made the officials change their mind however, there’s room for improvement. I just hope that this is a roadblock and not the end of his main event run. He was horribly booked from the beginning, thrown into the title picture out of nowhere and now stripped without it ever feeling like he had the MITB briefcase. Hopefully that rumor of building his character becoming more aggressively is true otherwise, it’s game over.