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Backstage Heat on Hulk Hogan for Recent Comments About TNA’s Problems

– As noted before, Hulk Hogan wrote on Twitter that going live with Impact Wrestling would solve 75% of TNA’s problems.

There are people within TNA that are very frustrated with Hogan’s latest comments. They see it as another ridiculous statement made by someone who is out of touch with what TNA really needs to do, yet has a lot of say in the direction of the company.

The feeling in TNA is that while going live would be great, they have much bigger issues to deal with.

Source: PWInsider

  • Reverse prince albert

    Funny how people want to bitch about other people in TNA having an opinion, but these pussies wont name themselves or give suggestions as to how to how… fucking pathetic bitches

  • Greg

    Instead of losing tenay you add shiavonni to them like they use to have in wcw shavonnie tenay and tazz..

    Tnas problems are there character creation There not building noone up enough. They are trying really hard though. But the problem is none of thier wrestlers have character they dont have the good storylines. They dont have these cutting edge stories.

    MY examples… Abyss.. ok he got hurt now hes mission he comes back to play as his brother on a quest to find his self.. Fans dont know its really abyss but hey the smarks do. Abyss was a monster he should ave come back and been black hole slamming fools through tables and shit he should been hardcore ass kicker.

    Mr Kennedy great talent on mic rings skills are decent.. Should be leading the way for tna.. not roode just yet James storm also should be champ or get a run as well both of these guys have some kinda character what does roode have? He should bring back his saying and im suprised he hasnt said this in a while.. It pays to be roode

    Christopher Daniels Needs to bring back the old Fallen Angel gimmick he needs to play devils advocate with people messing with their heads etc.. preaching his gospel This gimmick could work it really could.. He could kidnap someone and they could shoot videos of him torturing them or something trying to preach his gospel he could also have a stable of his own of prophets kinda like the taker druids but these guys would be maybe some new talent who do daniels dirty work… I love the angel gimmick they shoulda done more with it..

    Kevin Nash said it best he said that tna needed to use some money.. You cant pay a small price for a big nice car.

    Tna should be as good as wwe is by now they should not be having money issues as old as they are as a company. If they arent making money to sustain thier self one has to wonder how long panda and dixie will continue to help them.. They should throw some money around bring in heyman get his insight.. Hes valuable still as a booker..

    Also bring back the cage girls if anything that would get some of the younger guys to watch you gotta have a good appealing show for people so they will tune in to see whats gonna happen.

    Going live would help tnas problem but its not where to start.

  • Gorilla

    I drew 93000 people brother i got 24 inch arms i hang and bang on the titanic i beat everyone there is to beat listen to me before i run wild on you

  • eric

    tna has talent when it comes wrestling. they have tag team shelly sabin guns, ink ink mexican american abyss, samoa joe, aj styles pwi 2010 wrestler of year. gail kim tara, odb, angelina love, sarita, rosita, robert roode. tna needs to get rid of hogan flair and all old guys who are costing them alot money. if they get rid of hogan flair bully ray and dvon. tna would be alot better. more money unstead of wasting it on old guys who can’t draw anymore. tna needs to get back to putting spotlight on young x divson tag teams young guys. like they did in 2004-2009.

  • flip

    In my opinion TNA has the talent to go live with the exception of the acting I’m not entirely sure how they would perform in that aspect because I’ve never been to a TNA show, but as for the wrestling AJ Styles vs Austin Aries put that one in there and they could steal the show.

  • Bagwells neckbrace

    This shows how shitty this show is.

  • hitmanmontreal

    TNA as to be live every weeks and they need solid story line with great wrestlers they need new face and they need to sign some free agent wrestlers who have talent that left WWE like John Morrison they have to bring in Paul Heyman in their creative staff they need to bring in peeps that care,love and knows wrestling but 75% problems solved i dont think so i would say 20-25% maximum brother !!!!

  • Pig

    Damn that was a long message????

    Oh and get arid of Mike Tenay!!!

    Bring back Tony Schiavonne!!!!!!

  • Pig

    Dixie = FAIL (stay out of sight)
    Vince purchasing TNA = NO WAY IN HELL read (no return on investment)
    Going Live = Not going to happen soon

    Most of your TNA wrestlers that say they like it there, is because they like the lesser schedule TNA has compared to WWE. If TNA goes Live that is sure to turn off some and they will try to return to WWE. Not saying that is a bad thing.

    Long term if TNA is going to compete then yes they have to go LIVE. They will need to do TWO shows LIVE a week. Why? So that they can surppass WWE and so that they can hook their viewers. If viewers arent hooked they wont be loyal and come back each week. TNA desperately needs that.

    TNA will have to invest heavily in OVW. Need lots of fresh meat to feed the media machine. Expect to lose 30% of the best to WWE. Bring in Cornette to run and train the place. Maybe need to move to a larger metropolitan area that can support them.

    Step two is set Heyman up with his own training territory. Now most want him running the main stage and maybe someday he will, but I bet he would bust his butt to get started with a technically mini territory he would have full control over. Again its nothing more than a feeder program to the big leagues. Once Hogan and Bischoff choke off, he could be slotted into that position.

    Step three is to run two live shows a week. Why? Because WWE isnt doing that and it will help build viewer demand. Wrestling like a soap opera works best when there is a build and then you are left wanting more. TWo shows would build that interest. They do not have to be 3 hour shows. Two one hour shows would be better than nothing.

    Is it going to happen = Likely NO…….Time is running out on TNA while they fiddle with what they are doing now.

    Time to make the move is NOW.

  • Dixie is the main problem she shouldn’t be anywhere near a wrestling ring let alone try and run a company

  • rko

    Yup I don’t think Hogan has what it takes to run a successful promotion.
    Dixie is better off just selling to Vinny Mac so he can run TNA as its own separate company, maybe allow cross overs between wrestlers. This wouldn’t be like just crushing wcw. That was personal and he always planned on it. I think he’d make tna his new project while letting trips and his daughter run wwe. I could see it working out. TNA fans end up happy with some credible direction.


    TNA just fire Jason

  • My Morning Jacket

    TNA just hire Paul Heyman.

  • Jason L

    Why pander to that twit Jason by even responding ? He obviously doesn’t work for TNA. He’s nothing more than a huge TNA mark or just some disgruntled kid who doesn’t have any friends or a social life. He can’t even spell.

    I can’t believe I’m about to say this but even Middleton does a better spelling job when he cuts and pastes stories than that joke does.

  • andrew

    It won’t be long before ring of honor becomes the #2 organization

  • chronoxiong

    How can they go live on TV when they are having problems paying their superstars on a timely manner?

  • Tom

    I’ll be amazed if tna lasts another 5-10 years! Not saying I don’t want it too, but I don’t feel this last 5 years has been anywhere near as progressive as the first.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    @ DJ tna dosent have money like wwe, thats how bad they are

  • DJ

    Are tna ppv’s live?? Cause if they r y cant the impact shows be live?? Instead of finding out the results of an impact taping a Week or 2 b4 the match even is seen.

  • ant

    i hate how people think HOGAN is the problem in TNA since there were problems in TNA wayyy more before hogan and bischoff got there i mean i get since hogan and bischoffs been there theres been alot of bad decisions but cmon i think TNA needs to bring back some of the old talent and get rid of some of the crap so called stars that are bringing it down..i miss the old tna days where it was aj styles,samoa joe,kurt angle,jeff jarrett,abyss,daniel,kazarian,robert roode,james storm,etc all in the main storylines cuz the storylines were better

  • Eve’s left Nipple

    Jason, How will another 5-10 years affect the branding of the company? With any franchise be it products/TV shows etc. It doesn’t matter how long they are on the market what matters is the quality and marketing of the product which is not there.

  • Jason

    Based on some of the comments from this site I would really love to know the age demo of every member. I can’t help but think the age avg would be 13 to 15 years of age.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    TNA Sucks Shit lol

  • Jason

    Going live will not solve are problems, if anything they will make them worse. The TV business is way dif vs. how it used to be.

    Today it’s all about branding and that is something the WWE is almost perfect at. TNA sadly does not have the long term history that the WWE brand has. In five to ten years this very well could be a whole other thing though imo.

  • 1919dpg

    just because crap booking is live doesn’t take away that it’s still bullshit.

    tna’s two main problems are Dixie and Hogan. dixie is completely clueless and hogan is a mark for himself who is just like russo in the sense that he needs vince mcmahon cracking the whip behind him.

  • Bawb

    It’s not 75 %, but it would boost ratings if we didn’t get spoilers. However the percentage is calculated, we can agree the other percentage involves new Creative direction, new wrestlers, and getting out of the same venue they’ve always been in. Let’s look at WWE for example: While I believe Creative is an example of why WWE isn’t as entertaining anymore, I think that if RAW was not live, it would tip under a 3.0. We’re able to really choose if we want to read spoilers then choose if we want to watch the programming. Both TNA and WWE have bad creative direction, but with WWE, we have to tune in to find out first (with RAW). Much of my reasoning for tuning in is hope that the product improves, which, unfortunately, happens once in a while lol.

  • Mark

    Well TNA can start off with getting rid of Hogan

  • Leon

    Ha! Ha! That is a bigger joke since ron artest aka metta world peace elbow flying.

  • Valo487

    The problem is there’s no one in TNA who seems willing to actually bite the bullet to solve their problems. They’ve been having the same issues for years now, so acknowledging them then doing nothing just isn’t cutting it anymore.

    And just to save myself having to say it later, fuck off Jason.