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Backstage Heat On The Miz After R-Truth Takes A Dangerous Fall On Raw

During the Six-Pack Challenge on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, R-Truth attempted a slingshot somersault onto The Miz but his fall was not absorbed due to the former WWE Champion being out-of-position. R-Truth ended up falling back-first onto the floor, causing his head to whip back. At that point, the referee decided R-Truth was no longer able to compete and personnel assisted him to the locker room area. has confirmed that R-Truth avoided serious injury after suffering the fall. reports that the basic outline of the match remained the same but adjustments were made from what was initially planned.

The Miz is being blamed for the errant spot. There was a ton of heat on him from company officials, including Triple H, backstage after the show. The WWE Executive Vice President of Talent “loudly disciplined” The Miz in front of wrestlers as soon as he returned to the back.


  • adam

    I agree with some miz was in the wrong postion but its also truths fault because he could of altered how he landed to protect himself better. I think wwe is in the wrong for deciding to take every little thing out on miz now. I wouldnt be suprised if in a few weeks that they somehow blame the divas division being in the shitter because of hte miz or hte confusion about the kane cena storyline yep that has to be miz fault as well. They can try to blame him for hte low ppv buy rates as much as they want but when he was champ other shows other media outlets were talking about the wwe. The reason survivor series was so bad was because it made no sense for rock to be on a team with cena and it was poor build up.

  • venom

    Looks like R-Truth will be featured on “Do Not Try This At Home.”

  • rick

    @my name correct me if im wrong but wasnt it against hbk that undertaker had his botched landing? hbk pulled the camara man (who was either deuce or dominoe i cant remember) in front of him and he botched the catch. taker was pi$$ed and the *camaraman* was released soon after

  • chronoxiong

    That was all on Miz indeed. He also botched the clothesline before he did the double clothesline spot with Jericho. It wasn’t his night.

  • Blah

    Think R-Truth should team with Road Dogg who keeps popping up occasionally, 3LiveKru to save the Tag Team division I reckon!

  • little jimmy is probably happy of r truths fall

  • little jimmy is probably is happy

  • Tyler(:

    @My Name ‘Know his role’ his role is Executive President of Talent, his role is too discipline The Miz, he did.

    Your role is the unfunny asshole, who is unfunny.

  • Bill

    Miz is lucky that he didn’t screw up a spot with Randy Orton.

  • Diesel

    Well to be fair even if that was the case I hope Truth does get a major push considering they’re like 11 years to late lol! I can’t get over the fact that Miz & Khali got reigns and he didn’t.

  • Austin316

    now truth will get a push for not dying

  • Diesel

    Well good, watching that back Miz has got nobody to blame but himself. I know it’s scripted & spots are planned but that wan’t cool.

  • WeAreOne

    First Miz is blamed on for Survivor Series and now this.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    @hbk fan… I agree to a point, but Miz was supposed to catch him… period. It falls into his hands as well as Truth.

  • hbk fan

    it aint on the miz its on ron killings your responsible to protect yourself yea miz should have caught him but at the end of the day your taught to protect yourself

  • RaTeD R

    The WWE are worried about the future and of course most of the big names in the company are gettin older now, so i dont get it when they build up guys like the Miz who has come along way since he started in the WWE only to then just bury them and to stop giving them pushes. Its just really strange way of how to go about things, i mean they have only just given Shaemus a push again after having him do pretty much nothing on smackdown.

  • BlaH

    Miz head is all fucked up. Since the WWE blamed him for low sales on Surivior Series, Jericho shitting on him in his promo on Raw and a couple of botches last night in the 6 Pack challenge. Not a good few days for Mikey.

  • KpNuttzLol

    Just watching the clip it wasn’t as much of the Miz’s fault as he is credited for in my opinion. It didn’t look like he sidestepped as he did put his hands up to catch Truth. He just seemed to be off position and this is clear before Truth hits the floor.

    Miz is responsible for it and he could have maybe staggered forward if he was unsure but he looked like he was prepared for the spot so I doubt he will be in the dog house for long.

  • Good R-Truth

    “Miz, Little Jimmy says your gonna get got!”

  • My name

    Well… I remmember that at WM27, Undertaker did his dive on HHH and HHH moved and Taker landed badly. So I think that HHH should shut his mouth and know his role!

  • rko

    Way to go Miz. Little jimmy can’t hog up tv time anymore.

  • Stumpy

    It almost looked to me like he pushed him down as he was falling. I wonder if it was on purpose…

  • Buttercastle

    Yeah, when I saw it on tv and the replay it looked like Miz sidestepped instead of trying to “catch” R-Truth, as the guy on the floor usually does to the guy flying out of the ring. It looked like a pretty brutal fall but luckily he’s alright.

  • well his going to be a goood tna star