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There is said to be much frustration amongst the veteran WWE wrestlers not currently being pushed. Many feel they are being pushed aside due to the organization’s youth movement initiative. Matt Hardy garnered a lot of sympathy with his former peers as they felt that he was among the wrestlers company officials didn’t have long-term plans for.

Meanwhile, MVP developed heat backstage for moaning about the company’s younger performers being promoted ahead of him.

See photo of Chris Masters’ black eye ->

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

  • andre lewis

    richards was in wwe longer then 9 yrs my friend he came 2 wwe in the summer of 1999 i remember it vividly the guy looked like hbks twin back in the day on ecw that was insane

  • Jason

    Richards is getting a huge push and has won more matches in TNA is just two years then what he has in his 9 years in the WWE as a jobber. He pinned AJ styles in a non title match on explosion for fuck sakes. How is that not a push? Not to say he was just on the company main event for TNA’s biggest PPV of all time and stole that match by wrestling a classic. Some say he stole the show. Plus carter has said he is one of the talents she has her eyes on.

  • andre lewis

    i agree lvw sheamus isnt no spring chicken or mcgillicutty hennig jr actually started wrestling at a later age hes like 32 i think he just started as of 2007 some guys start young and some start later also mvp was buried in late 2008 due 2 his outspoken comments backstage the guy was the hottest act in wwe not long ago and hes getting jobber status what would save his career`is a heel turn and and a world title maybe a gimick change hes played the sports fanatic role 2 a dead end if this was the mvp of 07 he would no doubt be wwe or world champion right now wwe has dumbed his character down and its a shame

  • !?

    No one cares about MVP anymore, all of his momentum was destroyed after that horrific losing streak angle and getting buried on RAW. Chavo’s best days are behind him, if he had any. Goldust and Regal, while I like both at this point in their careers they are enhancement talents. The only guys that could make an argument about pushes were Matt Hardy and Christian IMO.

  • LVW

    LOL@ Sheamus being part of the youth movement. He’s only a few months younger than Cena. McGilicutty is older than Orton.

  • andre lewis

    i made an error in typing i type really fast i meant 2 say i was against veterans hogging the limelight my mistake lol

  • andre lewis

    im a long time wrestling fan i dont hate wwe i just hate how theyve dumbed down their content in order 2 appeal 2 the masses and once again 2 that dumbfuck who called me a tna fanboy 1st of all im a wrestling fan be it wwe tna etc and common sense i got more logic and reason then youd ever have you dick you cant even comprehend my intellect but youre irrelevant anyways back 2 what i was saying the wrestling business as we all know can be good wwe 4 over 2 yrs has been pg and dumbed down 4 kids there were kids watching during the attitude era there were kids watching ecw the real ecw wrestling is violent it isnt a friendly sport taking away chairs blood i wouldnt say the women were a huge part but they played their role in wrestling always has taking away all those elements is like telling a kung fu expert he cant kick but he can fight it makes no sense imagine if the ufc was geared towards kids crazy right wwe doesnt need the attitude era back 2 be good they just need 2 stop trying 2 act like some things never happened they act like they are ahsamed of the attitude era when it was the best time 2 be a fan another thing theres nothing wrong pushing young talent im not against it im not against veterans hogging the limelight either but some guys never got a chance at the big time mvp christian matt hardy shelton benjamin these guys never got a chance at glory im 4 pushing them yea they are veterans but unlike their counterparts they didnt get a fair shot in the main event let alone a major title if i was mvp or any other veteran id be pissed off as well

  • andre lewis

    and 2 you cc im just saying that wwe pushes guys who dont deserve it youre gonna tell me there gonna put the title on someone like shemus or drew mcintyre over guys veterans like mvp or matt hardy thats what im talking about thats the bullshit im pointing out i dont care if you agree with me or not the hell with being popular im just venting on how the e pushes guys who are green like shemus and drew they may have experience in wrestling but they dont have a following like a danielson or low ki those guys are new but they have a reputation 4 being world class wrestlers especially danieslon everybody knew about him you dont think wwe knew about these guys backgrounds thats why theyve been dumbed down a bit danielson is the best mat wrestler in wwe since benoit and kurt angle yea he won the us title but he still isnt being treated as a serious wrestler and 2 that cockhugger xthe rza whatever your name is it isnt important stfu and get a life before you try 2 insult me motherfucker you dont like what im saying tough shit im still gonna be on here im not going anywhere bitch

  • CC

    what andre lewis isnt taking into consideration is that MVP and Kennedy would have been “lameass rookies” back in the time when he says they were most successful, ie getting big pushes.
    You cant have your cake and eat it Andre. Just because you dont like the choices who WWE pushes, doesnt make them “lameass” or “rookies”.
    Are you trying to say that Bryan Danielson and Low Ki are rookies just because they are new to WWE?
    Just because you are not aware of the history of Sheamus and McIntyre prior to their WWE careers, doesnt make them rookies.

  • mr-rusty

    goldust is being pushed because he has a book out soon, it will genereate sales if he is on tv more.

    who would buy a goldust book otherwise.

  • Zach


    Better late than never.

  • raiden2

    So why is Goldust getting pushed all of a sudden?

  • jim

    wwe lost all credibility when they had sheamus on the top 25 talkers of all time list on wwe.com yet HBK wasnt even on the list.

  • Archangel

    WWE has no real competition. If TNA truly stepped it up, maybe we would see a product from WWE that uses their talent in better ways. Until then, I just expect more of the same unless the people with the power or authority smarten up.

  • Starship Pain

    Is not about the younger talent and the veterans… is about the GOOD talent…

  • xTheXRZAx187

    @andre lewis… dude we already know u dont know what the fuck ur talking about. take ur tna fanboyass back to the tna boards. i swear use common sense if u hate wwe dont go on their boards. thats like watching gay porn just to make fun of the dudes and call them gay.

  • Jason S

    They need to stop crying,and let the youngers guys have the spot light..

  • andre lewis

    ppl are nagging because the right ppl arent being pushed you have all these lameass rookies coming into the damn company and being pushed with no substance whatsoever wwe actually thinks there is a future in cody boring rhodes fagintyre swagger aka kurt angles twin and shemus who makes me sick these guys suck balls they are not great i dont blame mvp 4 being pissed off he was the hottest act on smackdown along with mr kennedy in late 2006 and 2007 07 was his best yr now look at him a heel mvp could sell tickets and ppvs when he was a heel and feuded with benoit over the us strap yrs ago that should his ability 2 wrestle the guy is good wwe sucks right now because untalented douchebags get the rub from the office and its not right

  • cody

    @ Jason

    Seriously guy…you are maybe the most ridiculous fan boy I have seen. Since when does TNA use talent right? Samoa Joe? He is not at all being used right. Though I suppose if Hulk Hogan dropped his pants in the middle of the ring and took a sh*t you would defend that as well.

  • mike

    sense when is stevie richards getting a push in tna?

  • Ryan

    it didnt say the fans are upset. it said the veteran wrestlers are upset

  • Alan Wake

    I don’t get fans. People complain about WWE not pushing young guys and when they finally do they complain about WWE not pushing older guys. Can’t please everyone I suppose

  • Jason

    Good I hope all of the best talent the WWE has leaves and goes to TNA where they will be used right. Look at Stevie Richards, he is getting a great push in TNA vs. the jobbing shit he went through in the WWE.

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