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Backstage Heat on Randy Orton For Slowing Down Roman Reigns’ Push

There is apprently backstage heat on Randy Orton from his peers due to his “crowd killing” style during matches with Roman Reigns over the weekend. As we reported, the matches were received negatively by live audiences, as well as backstage.

Some superstars are concerned Orton may be slowing down Reigns’ rise to the top as the company’s top babyface — the belief is that while Daniel Bryan remains out through injury, John Cena can’t carry the entire load on his own so a new babyface like Reigns is really needed to improve business and ultimately benefit everyone down the card.

Credit – Nick Paglino

  • Truth B Told

    I gotta’ say that I agree. I really don’t see what’s so great about Reigns. I watch him on Raw, I’ve watched him on NXT, and to this day, he’s just plain mediocre to me.

  • Robert S

    Almost cannot believe what I am reading. Has Roman Reigns ever even had a singles match go longer than 10 minutes, and if so was that match even good? Ridiculous how his “peers” can blame Randy when Reigns only has 2 and half moves in his arsenal. Randy is a proven veteran with in-ring chemistry with anyone.

    WWE should realize they picked the wrong member of the shield to back up, and abort the mission. Despite what WWE wants to believe Rollins and Ambrose were always the real stars of the shield. It wasn’t until WWE forcibly made Reigns the leader that people started to see him as a legitimate threat to the title. Honestly if Reigns is the top guy I don’t know if I can watch this programming any more

  • Real

    cool story bro…you done bitching yet?

  • RandyBoreton

    FYI the only time Cena ever had a 5 star match was because he was wrestling The Best In The World in his Hometown and WWE actually helped deliver a good angle.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    So do you just expect every single match in WWE to be a “5 star match”? Cena’s debut was only at that “caliber” bc it was Cena, bc it wasn’t a great or good match. And every single wrestler in the history of WWE has had only 5 main moved they do so let it go.

  • Chris Poole

    Just read this
    It appears that the build for SummerSlam’s main event will not often feature both foes at the same time. That will make Cena and Lesnar’s next face-to-face meeting more momentous, having forced fans to wait to see it.

    If this happens what a joke of wwe freaking part timers really pisses me off for guys that show up every week to be a whipping boy really sad

  • Keith Learmonth

    You’re not wrong… WWE books the majority of their top faces this way. That in itself is a problem.

    The main roster should look toward NXT for a better example of how to book good matches. NXT’s stars never go all out until the final match in a feud, usually, making every match in any feud better than the previous one. That, and they keep the matches somewhat balanced.

  • Chris Poole

    Typical wwe Keith learmonth

  • Eric Wescott

    How about the fans are just sick and tired of Randall Orton being shoved down our throats…

    It seems like nearly every Orton match I see on TV, there ends up being a “boring” chant. At least the fans hate Cena enough to not chant “boring”

  • Keith Learmonth

    Kennedy’s push as the son was cancelled by an suspension for drugs… he got supposedly screwed over by Orton a long time after he returned from that.

  • TheFizPop

    Maybe the matches just, erm idk? sucked?! Raymond, nor the viper part of Orton are exactly charismatic, leading guy material. Both just phone it in, orton with his vintage orton shiz and raymond howling, taking a beating and hitting superman punch and spear, ala Cena. wwe faces are not for adults, its long been this way

  • Keith Learmonth

    Reigns vs Punk wasn’t given one of the most hyped builds in history, nor was it given 20-30 minutes to build up slowly in the ring.

    Problem with Reigns is that all his matches are booked either as squashes, or as him getting beaten down by multiple guys then finally getting a comeback. He has not been given a decent chance to prove himself one on one yet because of the booking team.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Have you considered that that’s because they’re deliberately holding him back, so he can eventually have a really great match at WM?

  • xXx


  • Hasan

    So what you are saying is that unless Reigns is given a opponent that can carry him throughout the match, he won’t be able to pull a good match right? That’s exactly what I am saying. Reigns was once given a match with CM Punk which I don’t remember to be a 5 star quality match whereas Punk Vs. Cena is not only considered as one of the best rivalries but their match at Raw is among the top best matches ever. Oh and Cena’s debut match against Kurt is judged as a top caliber match – that fact alone beats all your statements claiming Reigns is ‘good’ in the ring.

  • Ray Myer

    Cena cannot put up a 5-star match unless it’s with someone who has the talent to carry him through it. I.E.; Shawn Michaels.

  • Hasan

    Yes, but Cena can put up a 5 star match when he wants to. Same can’t be said about Reigns. I have yet to see a solos match put up by Reigns that made me go wow.

  • Solid

    What you say about Reigns can easily be said about Cena.

    It’s all about who you’re put with.

  • Hasan

    Really? Blaming Orton? What about Reigns’ incompetencies? I mean I agree Orton can get pretty boring but Reigns isn’t super entertaining in the ring either. All he does is Superman punch, followed by a spear, followed by an apron kick, that’s it! That’s what you get when you put two of such competitors together. Don’t just blame Orton for it.

  • Roman

    Typical Orton. I always thought Ken Kennedy would have been WAY WAY over as Mr. McMahon’s illegitimate son in WWE before Orton used his politics and injury to jeopardize that push. He isn’t the legend killer, he is the career killer.

  • CC

    Wouldnt be the first time Orton has stalled or destroyed someones career.

  • ddfindl

    Here’s a simple solution… ready?… stop putting him in matches with Orton. Ta-da 😀

  • Solid

    Sounds like Orton.