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– Joey Styles noted on Twitter last night that Edge is now the first WWE champion in five years to successfully defend his title in the Elimination Chamber.

– EC for Elimination Chamber, Trish Stratus, LayCool, Drew McIntyre, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, Alex Riley, Fruity Pebbles and other terms were all trending worldwide on Twitter last night during WWE’s pay-per-view.

– There was actually talk in creative meetings of Jerry Lawler winning the WWE Title from The Miz at Elimination Chamber. There was one idea for Lawler to win at the pay-per-view and then drop the belt on tonight’s RAW. There is a feeling that The Miz hasn’t gotten over how they want and they need to give him big wins now to get him over.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • Mongo

    Has anyone else thought of the WWE title match at WM might be a fatal four way with Miz Cena Punk and Orton with The Rock as the special guest referee and screwing Cena out of the title? Maybe it’s been mentioned before on other threads if so then I retract the statement ut if not that might be thinking outside the box of predictability for WWE creative as everyone seems so focused on Miz vs Cena.

  • Buttercastle

    Miz is just a reality show star who happens to be on a wrestling show. At least have him know how to perform properly before giving him the belt. CM Punk would have been a better heel champ than Miz.

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com nastytroll

    The King should have won ,gone to WM and wrestled the Miz in a rematch, had Cole cause THE KING to lose to the Miz, and then have lawler KICK THE SHIT OUT OF COLE!!. I think that would have satisfied just about everyone.Cole gets his ass kicked, and THE KING would have wrestled in WM, and MIZ would be around to piss more people off.BUT, that didnt happen.

  • http://www.hotmail.com danny

    a win over cena still wont put the miz over as much as people hate to believe it the miz aint champion material guys like jomo have more potenial do u truthfully think the miz looks right with the title move him 2 smackdown and have him compete there for titles

  • Eric

    LOL fruity pebbles was trending…wow

  • Danarchy

    If they want to get Miz over he HAS TO BEAT CENA AT WRESTLEMANIA…. Prob won’t happen tho cause Cena sucks so much dick in WWE!!!!

  • TomC

    Miz is as believable a WWE champion as would Golddust be … i.e. NOT.

    Miz is a much more believable IC champion and, perhaps, WWE should consider shifting focus for Miz to THAT direction to try to give the IC title a bit more attention and credulity. Also, send the Miz back to SmackDown.

  • hey yo!

    Miz needs the WWE title more than Lawler does so I’m glad The Miz won last nite. As far as the Miz not being over that’s the furthest from the truth. If they think that he needs a big win than what would be bigger than a win over Cena at WM? It would be better for him to retain the title than Cena become a what 12 time champion.

  • CC

    Miz hasnt gotten over?
    The crowd reacts exactly how they should for a topline heel, so saying he isnt over is fucking ridiculous.
    He is one of the top heels in the company right now.
    The only thing thats making his reign suck is the over the top lovefest from that monkey, Cole.

    As for Styles commenting that Edge is the only person to retain in an EC match, well they mentioned it on the PPV last night, so its hardly ground breaking stuff that Styles has repeated what the commentary team has already said on air.

  • Soulshroude

    Give Miz a chance, he is only a starter. His win over Lawler was unfortunate, since Lawler is out of his prime and has no neo-wrestling moves, just his old style. It will be Lawler vs Cole at Mania.

  • rick

    Obviously it wouldn’t be a clean win. I just think they have come this far with Miz they have to push him all the way.
    With all the attention The Rock and Cena are getting, it would be a great way to put him over on the big stage. Maybe if he does win, he won’t become the big star they want him to be, but at least they gave him every chance.

  • Diesel

    Yeah theres a reason why Miz hasn’t gotten over the way they want, because he f***ing sucks! He barely gets any kind of reaction.

  • CM Spunk

    Against Cena? I highly doubt that, and if it is to happen no way in hell will it be a clean win, maybe a nexus interference.

  • rick

    If WWE is serious about making new stars, then Miz has to win at WM27. They have to give him every possible chance to become a star.

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