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Backstage News on the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame – Two Big Names Still Being Discussed

– There continues to be a lot of talk about The Ultimate Warrior being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year. It has been confirmed that Vince McMahon and Warrior had a meeting while in Los Angeles for SummerSlam weekend.

Another name still discussed is DX, who would enter the Hall of Fame as a group. DX was discussed for the 2013 ceremony but that was nixed when Bruno Sammartino agreed to be inducted. WWE sees DX as an ace in the hole and if they can’t get Warrior for 2014, WWE may go with DX.

Source: PWInsider

  • Stumpy

    The British Bulldogs (both of them) should go. Smith was good, but the team was better. Roberts if he can stay clean. Rude was consumate. When I was younger and thought wrestling was real, I used to hate him so much. He made it easy and that’s what makes him so good. Great technician and excellent character. Bearer is a no brainer. Vader… eh, maybe. I don’t know if it’s time yet or not. Pillman, I believe, was a staple of the early/mid 90’s wrestling scene. In some ways he was what that era was all about. Shock and awe. Doing the unexpected. I wouldn’t mind seeing him in there.

  • Leo Erskine

    King Kong Bundy needs to go in

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Yeah? and? Pillman was one of the great high flyers of the 90’s and had a pretty decent run after his car accident despite being injured.

    As far as Roberts goes, he deserves to be there and anybody who says he doesn’t clearly hasn’t got a single working brain cell. So he wasn’t WWE Champion (but he should of held A championship), but despite this he still had a decent & lengthy wrestling career, not to mention being one of the best at in ring psychology.

    In my eyes both of those guys surpass Warrior on every level

  • Elvis Dolinski

    I see what you did there

  • MrDr3w

    Rob, you think Warrior was a train wreck in and out of the ring, but you say they should induct Brian Pillman and Jake Roberts?

  • Tha don

    Koko b ware is in hof it has zero credibility , but warrior def deserves the honor long over due.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    No and No… I know I’ll get stick for this but I’ll say what I feel I need to say.

    Warrior was a 1 hit wonder and a complete train wreck inside and outside the the ring. Sure he had his moment of glory, like most stars do, however… after a while it fizzled out and people stopped caring (like his return to the WWE in 96). Not to mention his notorious antics backstage which lead to him being fired (twice) from the WWF, and even WCW were smart enough to get rid of him not long after he showed up in 98 as his match with Hogan just bombed.

    DX I loved them as much as the next guy, BUT I don’t think they should be there yet. HBK is deservedly already in there, but HHH isn’t even close to being Hall Of Fame worthy just yet (accomplishments or not) and it we know how rocky Chyna & the WWE’s relationship is, but without her and the late great Rick Rude to me it wouldn’t be DX.

    So far as I’m concerned they need to start looking at inducting these names next year:
    Davey Boy Smith (on his own or with Tom Billington)
    Jake Roberts
    Paul Bearer (although I’m pretty sure that one’ll be a lock in)
    Brian Pillman
    Ravishing Rick Rude

  • ddfindl

    Why don’t they just induct the Kliq too so when HHH finally retires and gets inducted himself, he’ll be in the HOF three times (/sarcasm)