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– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings take place from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Confirmed for tonight is a match to crown a new #1 contender for Sheamus. No word yet on what will take place but a tournament is rumored. Triple H and John Laurinaitis are advertised for tonight’s tapings while the dark main event will be Sheamus vs. Laurinaitis and Alberto Del Rio in a handicap match.

– We noted before that WWE’s new DVD and Blu-ray on Brock Lesnar that comes out in October will feature the his 2003 DVD documentary with new interview footage and matches from his WWE career. The official title of that DVD is “Brock Lesnar: Here Comes the Pain – Collector’s Edition.”

– Original plans for the Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee wedding on RAW 1000 had the ceremonies being a big scene with Superstars and Divas appearing as wedding guests. Things at RAW 1000 may have been scaled down due to time constraints.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • sam mccourt

    @Stockton here in the UK its on at 2am (1am now that its 3 hours) so i cant vote on anything as i’m asleep

  • Will Henderson

    it possible that if Stone Cold was at Raw, we would had a seen a wedding get crashed with a beer bath and Stone Cold as GM. but Austin was a no show and we got the AJ as GM swerve. now i wonder what AJ will do as GM.

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com/wwe-news-rumors/barrett-returning-fan-involvement-live-events-hbk-austin.html Dean Ambrose

    Appreciate the support SYM.

    “Dean Ambrose is about to blow the doors off everything!”

  • SYM

    @scooter Have I ever put Ambrose over anyone? No. The Creative is trying to find a way to bring Ambrose on TV and all I said was they couldve brought him on Last Night. So get ur panties out of ur sisters purse and Shut the Fuck up.

  • scooter

    Dean Ambrose is awesome but he’s not be all and end all of wrestling shut up about him.

  • Stockton Joe

    For all the hype around the 1000th RAW, I thought about a third of it fell flat. How the hell many Tweets and Twits and Touts does WWE expect fans to sit through??? And that was with all the additional stars power they had. Starting next week, it’ll be way worse. And as for “voting” for stuff, and “trending now” – all that crap is meaningless. How stupid does WWE think we are. The exact same show appears from (now) 8:00 – 11:00 in all time zones here in the U.S. (I confess, I don’t know when it airs in other countries). By the time it comes on for the East Coast, it’s already “in the can,” so what the hell are you “voting” for? And on the West Coast, it’s another 3 hours before it airs.

  • Matt

    well wwe needs their time to show us 10 Tout videos, ask us to vote for things, and remind us to be a star. why would they even think we wanted to see more stuff in the ring

  • SYM

    They should’ve stuck with the first AJ Lee/Bryan wedding, because it was a huge Flop last night. They could’ve had Ambrose debut last night.

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