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More Backstage News on Alberto Del Rio’s WWE Departure, What He’s Saying Happened

– As noted, WWE released Alberto Del Rio on Thursday for what they called an incident with an employee.

A third source has now reported that Del Rio allegedly slapped a worker at this week’s TV tapings. The story going around is that Del Rio said he was responding to something said that he felt was racist in nature.

It was also said that WWE will not be commenting on the situation beyond the announcement that was made on their website yesterday.

We’ve also noted how Del Rio has expressed interest in leaving WWE once his contract expired this year. Del Rio recently relocated to Texas, which gave some people in WWE the impression that he moved to be closer to Mexico once his WWE run was over.

Source: PWInsider

  • mustang

    Del Rio is a good addition to wwe. Obviously something more is behind this ie cuts. But this guy has a lot of potential and now I must admit the wwe really fucked this one up.

  • Mario Peralta

    Don’t be a bully, be a star… and a racist.

  • Don Kim

    And the person who made racist comment toward Del Rio keeps his job?
    That’s sounds fair…

  • CC

    and if you think about it, its strangely coincidental that he gets fired so soon after Rodriguez was let go.

  • CC

    For someone that was supposed to be pushed by WWE as the replacement for Rey Mysterio in the latino market, WWE really dropped the ball with Alberto. The fact they fucked up his face turn big style, and then just turned him heel at the drop of a hat, then seemed to forget he was even on the roster most of the time, shows they had lost interest in him.
    To me it just sounds like they used this as an excuse to save money and get rid of him.

    Poor form, especially if it was indeed a reaction to a racist remark.

  • TheFizPop

    This would have been golden heat for real americans had they still been against all immigrants, as atm its about russia. Zeb could have been that employee and certainly would have made non americans and esp latinos boo harder

  • oppa

    The person was reportedly asked to clean off a plate and said that it was Del Rio’s job. The person allegedly didn’t apologize and got slapped for it. I’m not saying that it’s right to slap someone, but WWE has a history of giving slaps on the writs of people who make racist remarks, it they do anything at all. As much as they want to have more people in the Latino community support them, refusing to publicly come down hard on someone for a comment like this is inexcusable.