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Backstage News on Barrett & Ziggler, Mysterio Pulled, Hart House

– Natalya revealed on Twitter that the late Stu Hart’s “Hart House” in Canada is being declared a historical heritage site in that country. The house is the home of the infamous Hart Family Dungeon.

– No word yet on why Rey Mysterio was not at last night’s RAW from Greensboro. His partner Sin Cara wrestled Alberto Del Rio in a singles match. Rey also is not advertised for tonight’s SmackDown tapings and has been pulled for all upcoming RAW tapings on WWE’s website.

– The feeling within WWE right now is that Dolph Ziggler and Wade Barrett are ready for the “big time” main event, Ziggler more than Barrett. While Ziggler is putting his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line against John Cena at TLC, the internal feeling is that Ziggler will retain.

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  • adam

    Ziggler better not lose the brief case. Cena doesnt need a brief case to get another title shot he will be handed one as soon as rock beats punk at the rumble. Dolph should be world champion and should cash in soon. I could see him doing it before the ppv. But then it would probably be a world title ladder match and cena would get that win

  • TwiztidRoman

    It’s cool about the hart dungeon. If any house deserves to be heritage site, it is that one.

  • King

    ***Big*** difference

  • King


    Kennedy didnt quit he got fired bit difference

  • Wellsy

    I hope Ziggler cashes in before the ladder match happens! That’d be funny!

  • Shawn

    Mysterio…. good luck in your future endeavors!!!

  • newbie

    I know it is for the WHC, read the ENTIRE post. WWE thinks the fans have forgotten the whole Edge and Vickie relationship so they think they can change the briefcase and nobody notice. I think it is stupid ass idea but stupid ass writers come up with this shit.

  • Hank Moody

    Every couple of months there’s some report about how WWE is super high on Barrett, yet there’s NEVER any progression with him. I don’t believe they are at all, where’s the evidence? He comes back and feuds for a midcard title he’s already WON? LOL. This is SO sad what they put this poor guy through, he should be a multi time WWE Champion by now. I’ve never seen a heel with this good a size, this good a look, this good a presence and this good on promos get screwed over so badly. Guaranteed in December 2013, he’s gonna be in the same exact position without moving up and there’s still gonna be reports about how he’s going to main event soon.

    Ziggler…phht. I’m yet to see anything substantial out of him on the mic, and he does well as far as the wrestling side goes, but that’s a really trivial thing in the WWE, whether someone wrestles well or not. Even then, the amount of “showing off” he does is really starting to wear thin for me, all these sit ups, repeated elbow drops, handstands, etc, it’s beyond goofy and it has nothing to do with putting on a good match, it just detracts. It’s annoying but it’s not heat in a “good way”, I don’t want to boo him for it, I want to tune out.

    Bottom line, BARRETT FOR WHC AT MANIA. Yes, it’ll never happen, but it’s SO overdue.

  • poko

    Ziggler is ready but I still think Barrett needs some experience. His mic work is up and down and sometimes his flow in the ring is a bit choppy. I’d like to see him win some feuds over some respectable competition before they push him up too high. He’s very close, though, and has good potential. I just don’t quite believe his character yet, it’s a bit undefined.

  • tim

    I can see a Mysterio firing or an “injury” because he prob got caught doping again.

  • Greg

    It happenned to Kennedy bc Kennedy was injured he didn’t just lose it they took it off him bc he needed surgery

  • Pete

    OMG Cm Punk has just undergone emergency knee surgery! check

  • MWDynomite

    @newbie Ziggler’s briefcase can only be cashed in on a WHC match

  • bbb

    @DJ I thought randy ortton cried and whined to vince because mr kennedy almost injured him in a match on raw, and then mr kennedy got fired

  • DJ

    If ziggler loses 2 cena it would be an outrage! And the wwe lockeroom would most likely start to rebel against the company. This happened to mr. kennedy back in the day and he quit, cant see them doing this to ziggler, cause he is to far along now.

  • newbie

    Cena will get the briefcase, cash it in at the Rumble against Rock to set-up the rematch at WM 29 and the title can still be defended at Elimination Chamber. I know the briefcase is for the WHC but WWE thinks the fans aren’t smart enough to keep up.

  • Mark

    Great wots happened to Mysterio now???

  • Sam Peters

    The only way they can give Cena the Briefcase is if they have Ziggler win the Royal Rumble and win the title at Wrestlemania

  • Jimbo

    That’s how it is now, by next week McMahon will have changed his mind.

  • Stevie P

    Ziggler better retain! Cena doesn’t need another briefcase! Ziggler needs it to establish himself.