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More Backstage News About Batista’s Return, Another Storyline Idea

– PWInsider has confirmed earlier speculation that the most discussed scenario for Batista’s WWE return was to win the Royal Rumble and face WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXX.

They add there was also talk of Batista vs. The Undertaker in a WrestleMania 23 rematch.

  • D2K

    Good point.


    Hmm lets see cm punk left the company sat at home for a month and a title change which saw john cena win then punk showed up on the pay per view and had a title shot the next month hmm Chris Jericho returned instantly put back in title posistion won championship left again did the same left again had had great matches with cm punk left again had some of the best matches in his career. Cm punk champ for how long was it again 334 431 cnt remember . Daniel Bryan world heavyweight championa and wwe champion Herald as u can may say the new people’s champ. Lost both chanpionships very quickly I dnt think either cm punk or Bryan need to be champ again for a while been there seen that but Batista now that’s sumn we haven’t seen in a long while. He’s not stale or old to the audience hasn’t had the same matches every week none of that rather see him champion than cena Bryan or punk facing randy Orton


    Batista only plays supporting roles and very good ones he knws his strengths and talents and is booked accordingly if u saw any of his movies Ud know that. Lesnar had a shot because he is a beast.

  • Eagles0910

    Batista is probably coming back to promote The Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel. He is playing Drax the Destroyer.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    No that just some internet rumor already starting. Batista probably going to face somebody like Brock Lasner or who knows somebody big. They are just bring Batista in for the Wrestlmania run. Maybe going to be like Brock Lasner contract to were he only has to wrestle a few times a year. I guest all Batista other plans never work out. I mean acting didn’t watch one of his movies. MMA really you are no Brock Lasner. Lasner had a shot only because of his wrestling background. But just don’t see Batista winning the Rumble. It think anybody can win the Rumble.

  • Prince

    If Batista comes back and immediately wins the Rumble and gets a title shot, I give up. Guys like Bryan and Punk are who deserve a chance like that. Batista getting it would be absolutely horrible, which means it’ll likely happen. I don’t have a problem with him getting a shot later after Mania, but he has no business winning the Rumble and main eventing. I’d much rather see him face Taker if those are the 2 options.