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Backstage News on Batista’s WWE Return Deal, How the Leak May Have Happened, More

– The deal for Batista to return during WrestleMania XXX season is something he and Triple H have been working on for several months now. Batista will be working TV tapings, pay-per-views and even some live events. The deal will see him stick around for at least some time after WrestleMania XXX.

Before announcing it on RAW last night, the original idea was that he return as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. WWE had copy of the promotional materials that were scheduled to be sent out to local arenas and one theory is that those were sent out prematurely without a notice to hold it back until he had already debuted at the Rumble. To say that WWE officials were upset is an understatement. One WWE source joked that it was a good thing Vince McMahon was overseas visiting troops when the return leaked or he may have killed someone.

One person who saw Batista over the weekend noted that he has put on a lot of muscle and looks more ripped than usual.

Source: PWInsider

  • JAckh45

    I dont know… I understand the buyrate side, but WWE has in the past really fucked up peoples returns
    Remember Goldbergs WWE debut… At WM there was a “GOLDBERG WILL BE AT RAW”
    Granted it sold a lot… but to be honest… if he had just come out on stage and shocked the world it would of been more huge. Just my opinion tho.
    Seems they were actually trying to put a surprise out for once and it got screwed over


    More people tune into raw after a rumor of you being on a pay per view than already knowing. Remember when rock came back they kept it so tight lipped had everyone thinking it was bieber. The first time it’s been a secret in years and when word got around the rock was in a wwe ring the money they made that night Vince McMahon could retire four families off that one night. That’s just how it happens

  • Fang McFrost

    A Royal Rumble surprise is good for the storyline. But knowing ahead of time is good for the buyrate. I’m sure they’re not that upset.

  • Jeff Wurtz

    “Put on a lot of muscle” aka “Found a bigger needle”