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Backstage News on Batista’s WWE Status, Possible Segment for RAW, What Vince Wants

– We noted before that the plan for WWE’s Payback pay-per-view next month was Batista vs. Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Title but Batista turned down and is leaving to take time off about a month early.

Coming out of Extreme Rules, nothing is settled regarding the Payback main event, even though Batista got pinned in the Evolution vs. The Shield match. WWE officials are not happy at all with Batista changing their plans for Payback.

Vince McMahon still wants Batista vs. Bryan as the main event for Payback.

Even though Extreme Rules is Batista’s last advertised appearance for this current run, he will be in Albany for tonight’s RAW and could be booked in a segment for his exit with The Shield.


  • Seth Becker

    You are both on the Internet! “you people on the Internet?” Self-righteous much? For myself, I’m glad he’s leaving. He’s arrogant and I can’t remember the last great match he really added to.

  • Seth Becker


  • Shawn OB

    They never are.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    He was not going to main event Payback if you watch the end of Extreme Rules you would know the feud between Bryan vs Kane is far from over. Stop listening to backstage report just look at what is happening inside the ring. It was also clear when Batista got pinned that he was leaving WWE yet again. By the way I though you people on the internet don’t like Batista if he is gone you should be happy not angry. They again some times I wonder if some of you people on the internet are every happy.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Waist of a Royal Rumble winner….

  • Schizo_Frog

    Tista is a complete and utter flop. Leaving after 4 and a half months lol

  • d_pooch

    Turn down a main event… there’s one way to draw more heat on yourself.