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Backstage News on Benjamin-WWE, HHH Meeting with Bruno?, Dreamer

– reports that Shelton Benjamin gave his notice to Ring of Honor because WWE is interested in him. Apparently WWE and Benjamin will be negotiating now. Word is that Benjamin isn’t necessarily leaving ROH but he was released from his contract and there is a good chance he will be leaving for good for WWE.

– After last night’s RAW from Philadelphia, there was talk of using Tommy Dreamer again for a special appearance in the future because of the reaction he got.

– There is talk going around WWE that Triple H may be meeting with Bruno Sammartino later today in Pittsburgh. Bruno is from Pittsburgh and Triple H continues to be high on the idea of having him inducted into the Hall of Fame next year.


  • paul s

    The moment Shelton Benjamin ran up the leaning ladder he really got my attention. Watching his matches back, he is phenomenal and would be wasted as a mid card talent

  • eric

    Yeah nice seeing dreamer back in wwe. he got big ovation. because philly is home of orignal ecw. also he look good in ring. would love see dreamer back in wwe. he and chirstian have good chemistry together. would love see them as tag team in wwe. Also benjamin is very underrated. he is very athetic in ring. great in ring performer. he is amazing. wwe try to put him over. hhh jobbed to him twice in 2004. once via pinfall on his first night on raw in 2004. second time via countout. also ric flair lost benjamin on ppv in 2004. bejamin can’t talk. would love see big johnny or even heyman be benjamin manager. heyman could help benjamin out on talking. benjamin great talent!

  • grizz

    First WWE brings in the Broolyn Brawler then Tommy Dreamer,are they really that hardup for wrestlers? They need to start using the wrestlers they have now and also quit using TNA story lines with the Shield. That is so GAY!

  • Cboz78

    ok my bad dayum 😛

  • @Territories. Thats because everyone realized how much they dropped the ball with him when they released him. the only reason he did not go all the way over is because he cant talk like morrison. But hes one of my favorites. Fuck boy.

  • @Territories. Thats because everyone realized how awesome he was after he left. Fuck face.

  • Territories

    Yeah because Benjamin was such a huge star before in the WWE right? RIGHT? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo Wrong.

  • Tyler(:

    Cboz is proof that you the majority of you just blame Vince, HHH or “WWE” for everything.

    It’s been reported by this site like 30 times that it’s Bruno saying no, not Vince or WWE.

  • I don’t believe it until it comes out of the horses mouth. Even if he does come back, PLEASE put some gold on him and Im not talking about his hair.

  • Whatever

    Benjamin, nice!
    Money in the bank with him is always very good 🙂

  • Stevie P

    Cboz, it’s not that Vince is saying no, Bruno is.

  • Cboz78

    How Sammartino isn’t in the HOF by now is mindboggling. Longest reigning champion ever and not in the HOF. Correct that Vince.

  • zach

    Bring in Haas too WTF??

  • Prince

    Man I can’t wait for Benjamin to return. I think he could have a great feud with Kingston or Cesaro. At least to start out. The should bring back MITB at Mania just so Benjamin can be in it.

  • yofitz

    Shelton B should win the IC title from Coffee Kingston.

  • jim

    SYM Who? Benjamin or Dreamer

  • SYM

    They can’t let him rot in the mid card, he’s main event quality.

  • Sam Peters

    would be good to see Benjamin back in the WWE, could come straight in for a good fued with Antonio Cesaro for the US Title and i could see Dreamer coming back for the big show in January as well, Dreamer got a great reaction because of being in the home of ECW but he is also a great professional and it could be good if Dreamer’s new wrestling school could be a development territory for the WWE