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Backstage News on Beth & Kelly Leaving WWE, Guerrero, Eve

– Regarding Raquel Diaz (Shaul Marie Guerrero), most people within WWE expect her back in action but that’s not confirmed. It’s believed she is taking time away to rest up and possibly go back to school. The feeling from developmental was that Guerrero is not a very good wrestler but is a great talker with lots of charisma.

– Regarding Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix leaving WWE, most in the company are under the impression that Kelly won’t be back anytime soon. Beth is scheduled to finish up in October and she is expected back in the future. A source describes Beth’s departure as it just being time for to leave. There’s also speculation that Beth is leaving in part to help take care of her boyfriend Edge after he has neck surgery in early November.

– We’ve noted that a source close to the WWE Divas division expects other Divas to be leaving soon. There has been no talk of WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres leaving but officials are aware of her recent change in life. Eve was just engaged to Rener Gracie and the feeling is that she may want some time off once they are married.

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  • Paton

    best tme to scrap the whole thing, lets face it who cares if you aren’t getting women in who can work a match.

  • Velvet is a tad bit better than kelly kelly. She cant wrestle like nattie or beth but she is better than whats there now. Eh who knows.

  • wf3458

    Velvet is going back to TNA, and the feeling that Beth is going to be a knockout too.

  • Thomas

    If Shaul can’t wrestle, she could just manage someone if she has lots of charisma.

  • Tyler(:

    Ceejay “Sign Velvet” “THAT CAN WRESTLE”

    Do not go, she’s just a more glorified Kelly Kelly, being that while not being able to wrestle, plays a nice heel.

  • Logan

    Taken time off to care for her man, that’s love brah. Get well Edge!

  • New breed of divas. Push Naomi. Sign Velvet and angel and a lot of other indie chicks. THAT CAN WRESTLE. I’ll miss beth though. The match with nattie was legit.

  • Legend Killer

    Surely this is a good time to bring in the likes of Paige onto the main roster?