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Backstage News on Big E Langston, Jericho Talks, Dreamer

– As noted before, Tommy Dreamer suffered some swelling after his angle with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on Monday’s RAW. Dreamer had to visit the emergency room on Tuesday due to complications. He posted the updated photo on Thursday morning:

“Just went to the mirror & this is what I see F*CKING PISSED @theshieldWWE swelling is bad”

dreamer the shield 2

– As of last word, there is nothing on the table for Chris Jericho to return to WWE but both sides continue to negotiate. Jericho had been in talks to return for a WrestleMania 29 storyline.

– It appears the debut of Big E Langston on WWE TV had not been planned for more than 10 days as he was pushed as the top babyface at the December 6th NXT tapings where he defeated Seth Rollins for the NXT Title since Rollins had debuted on RAW with The Shield. Because of the way NXT is taped, Langston’s title win won’t air for several weeks but the official NXT website has featured him in a graphic since debuting earlier this week.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Hunter

    They don’t work in an office- they work in a profession where the risks are there that they get hurt. Cast your little mind back 15 years when dreamer MADE a career from hurting people.

    It was an accident- they happen. It doesn’t reflect how “green” they are considering they aren’t new to the profession, but to the roster they are on.

  • paul s

    The shield are the most interesting thing in wrestling right bow next to punk and ziggler.

  • a heyman guy

    i dont get it. i watched the NXT episode where lankston won the title. what i found funny about it, was, rollins came off has a good guy losing the title, even after being on raw, as a bad guy, with the shield. now lankstons brought two weeks after winning the title as a good guy and now a bad guy on raw, but i bet next wednesday hell be a good guy on NXT…

  • what?

    sloppy ass wrestlers should be given the boot i could give two shits about how long they been wrestling their sloppy and dangerous if i was tommy i would be pissed

  • Jim

    You do know that the Shield, especially Rollins & Ambrose, have wrestled for years before this, right?

  • Territories

    Yeah ummmmm @Hunter wrestling isn’t real!! Sorry to bust that bubble for ya bud. Wrestlers are not supposed to get injured if the other guys know what their doing. LOL, ok.

  • hbk fan

    man his iphone did a number on him poor dreamer

  • Hunter

    How “green” the shield are? Lol, ok.

  • Territories

    Jericho fresh huh? Dude not even his undies are fresh these days! The Rock maybe be worth more than Vince these days so I don’t think he gives a candied ass what you think!!

  • Territories

    Tommy’s face show’s you just how green the Shield are sad so sad!

  • Prince

    Y2J vs. Ziggler at WrestleMania please.

  • Jeremy

    Or you’ll get thumbs down bc some people like The Rock better than Jericho. I guess we’re all sheep ppl bc we don’t agree with thesheepdog…..dumbass

  • Tyler(:

    I know it’s only a typo but wrestlnig sounds like a racist wrestling term.

  • jeff

    who says wrestlnig is fake?

  • TheSheepDog

    Would much rather have Jericho than rocky! I know this will get more thumbs downs, because I said something blasphemous, but at least Jericho will bring something refreshed, opposed to the same stchik. Ok sheep, now thumbs down, because clearly what i am speaking is wrong…