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Backstage News on Big E Langston, Possible Return on Tonight’s RAW, Sami Zayn’s Popularity

– Sami Zayn teamed with Bo Dallas again to defeat Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro at last night’s WWE live event in Brooklyn, NY at the Barclays Center. Like his match in Montreal over the weekend, there were loud chants for Zayn and the arena was chanting “ole!”

– Santino Marella may be returning to WWE TV on tonight’s RAW from Toronto.

– There has been talk of doing a major babyface turn with Big E Langston in the coming weeks.

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  • Kaizen

    lol… guess you are right

  • ssadasd

    So long as he wears that outfit, I will call him Ryblack.

  • what?

    Thanks for the good laugh .your killing me

  • Kaizen

    not far anyways lol

  • Matthew Farrell

    What? Did he show his balls or something?

  • Kaizen

    seems reasonable… at least he would get a Lashley association instead of Ryback lol

  • CC

    the outfits he wears are just too small for him. in my estimation he needs to have no shirt, and just have leggings or trunks, as the singlet just does not work with his figure. Needs to be something more akin to what Lashley used to wear.

  • Kaizen

    I mean I had a blackout after I saw Ziggler pin Langston at Summerslam lol… One reason to make him UN-PIN-ABLE

  • Kaizen

    eh…. Langston is better than Ryback

  • Kaizen

    glad someone is disgusted as well by that lol

  • xXx

    you’re right about the onesies he wears, the leg cuts are too short lol

  • ssadasd


  • Kaizen

    to save D-Bryan? Next Afro-American Top Babyface?
    idk, he should change those outfits especially on the leg sides, he looks like a fat pregnant lady lol