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Backstage News on Booker T, Del Rio’s WrestleMania Entrance, Rosa

– WWE Diva Rosa Mendes has been wrestling for over 6 years now but says she did h er first pull-up ever over the weekend. Rosa has been documenting her “MuscleMania” workouts on Twitter and Tout. She posted a Tout video of the pull-up:

– While we haven’t seen Alberto Del Rio make his entrance in a fancy car in a few months now, word is that they have a grand entrance planned for him at WrestleMania 29. We’ve noted how Jack Swagger may be driving an 18-wheeler for his WrestleMania entrance.

– WWE officials have been discussing turning Booker T heel once WrestleMania 29 and the Hall of Fame are over.

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  • Johhny

    yea but,the only problem i see is that mostly all heel gm’s get “fired” so maybe he becomes a wrestler again i would love that

  • ramses 2

    king booka is back!!!

  • Dan

    Heel general managers are always far more interesting, all the best general managers have been heels.

  • Dominic Foley

    hmmm I can kinda see a heel Booker T turn alright after last weekends Smackdown in the segment with Teddy 🙂 I think it would be pretty cool actually!