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Backstage News on Brad Maddox, Why He Wasn’t on RAW

– There were lots of ideas discussed internally for the finish to Ryback vs. CM Punk at WWE Hell In a Cell but the angle with referee Brad Maddox doing a screwjob on Ryback was what Vince McMahon picked towards the last minute.

The storyline reason for Maddox not being on last night’s RAW was that he was going through a medical evaluation after Ryback attacked him at Hell In a Cell. Maddox will be back on next week’s RAW.

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  • Bill

    The only issue I have with the finish at HIAC was that it didn’t need the cell to happen. The ref could have screwed Ryback in a normal match on Raw, but at least if Punk & Ryback went through the cell or something, it would have been more special.

  • Dave

    What other choices did they have?
    They needed a finish that kept the title on Punk but kept Ryback looking strong. A count out or DQ finish was out as it was Hell in a Cell. And the idea for Lesnar to pop out from under the ring and attack Ryback had been second guessed on the dirt sheets long in advance. I hadn’t seen a referee screwjob guessed anywhere. So WWE Creative should get some props for digging themselves out of the big hole they had found themselves in. The match was no worse than most of the others on the card. Even though it was a pretty poor PPV overall.
    But in fairness. You should have been able to predict that one in advance given the matches booked and how little back story there was to most of them.

  • Nick

    WWE is complaining about ratings and crowd reactions, they had the chance to make the cell colaspe on top of Ryback and CM Punk safely, but failed to. Imagine that, the crowd would go Bananas, and the title would stay on Punk, while Ryback stays undeafed leading into the next PPV.

  • Cropsy

    of course Vince picked it, that’s the worst possible finish.